Boss Wolf rebalancing?

Hi guys, somebody know if Boss wolf will be rebalancing on Version 20 like Aegir?? I have him and her a meat shield and nothing else more or less,his manna is very slow and most of the time he has no time to release special before he dies and to be honest I like him and if he can be a bit stronger will be very useful for us who have him in banch.
Tks guys

I use bosswolf on defense with success (i stay around 2500 cups). I expect he will be tweaked though.

Mana troops help and hes getting my druid emblemd


Well my Boss wolf is 3/30 because everyone told me he is not good at all and I use him as defence team as well and I can’t be over 2100 because they kik my ars straight away with Boss wolf as tank and my current team is
Skittlescull 4/70/2
Kiril 4/70/2
Boss Wolf 3/30
Onatel 3/51
Gormek 4/57
So I can’t resist more than 1 day to 2000 over

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