Boss Wolf or Obakan

I have Boss wolf from 3 months ago and his on tier 3/25 and today I just Got Obakan and Sumitomo ,so my question is should I still work on Boss wolf or To Obakan?

Both of them can be bought to 3.70 not 4.80. Keep ur tabard to another purple

I get Obakan and I read all about him and no one is happy about his performance so I decided to feed Boss wolf with Obakan so no more Obakan and I use to have 2 Aegir and same I use one Aegir to feed the other one. Do you think i should be sorry for Obakan or not?? For me doesn’t matter is the caracter has 20 stars,if he is not useful I throw him away, waste of space and nothing else

You may be sorry when version 20 is released in the next month if Obakan gets a buff.

I don’t have a choice, haven’t pulled Sartana so will probably give him the tabards next month unless Kunchen appears…

Am I missing something? I see people talking about version 20 rebalancing.

Could someone kindly point me to the official announcement on rebalancing old heroes?

Thanks =D


Yes, it’s buried in this thread:


Thanks @zephyr1

Any idea when v20 is due out?

This gives my Obakan and Quintus a bit of hope.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea when Version 20 will be released.

But I can say that as far as I know, the balancing changes haven’t entered beta testing yet. So it could be soonish, but presumably isn’t immediately imminent.

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Ok thanks

PS Your moderator icon looks like the Paladin class. I digress.

When can I use you in Trials of Serenity? :rofl:

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They operate on a 4-6 week cadence on versions it seems like. So maybe late March or early April?

Also, his moderator icon is a ranger.


No problem!

(I’ve had the same thought about the icon, but apparently I’m Ranger class, according to @Garanwyn.) EDIT: And he beat me to posting.

I’m looking forward to more insight into the rebalancing too…

It’s already been a few weeks since Version 19 released, but Group Raids are still being worked on, and that’s a big addition, so I’m guessing the release cycle will be a little slower than some.


It’s easy enough to edit. Let me fire up Photoshop.

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You’re going to end up causing a post in Heroes Do not Match Classes :laughing:


:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Tell you what, I’ll bring out the update as part of the v20 rebalancing. It will coincide with the patch that makes sure all of your joke procs are funny :smile:


Nice save making this banter vaguely on topic. :face_with_monocle:

Sorry @Nemessis for our indiscretions!


@Garanwyn 63% chance to make a joke? SG I want my money back, these odds are never in my favour!!!

Come on!!

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I can not figure out how to download version 20! Driving me crazy!! Any help? Player name is indiepsycho.

To download V.20, let’s wait for it to be launched.


Obakan don’t get anything in V20 so I’m delighted to feed Boss wolf with Obakan, good meal