Boss Wolf or Grimble?

I’ve pulled a Boss Wolf last year and was thinking of ascending him but I realize I got a Grimble as well. I have no Purple 5* ascended into the Fourth tier. Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

My worthless opinion is Boss Wolf 100,000%.

But don’t take my word for it, I’m not a top tier player.

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Alright! Thanks for telling what you have in mind! But why do you think so? :smiley:

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Grimble is a minion eater. Limited usefulness. Boss Wolf is a riposter / mana controller. I believe at one point he was considered to be one of the best defensive tanks in the game (that was a while back so things have likely changed a lot since then).

EDIT: for the record, I actually have a Grimble. Wasn’t very excited to pull him. Would gladly trade him for a Boss Wolf any day.

I see. Still he is maybe a fifth priority. Just because I got no Purple 5* ascended fully. Currently working on Vela.

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Understood, it takes a long time to finish heroes. I just think that if you have limited resources for purple, you should give them to BW before giving any to Grimble. But again, don’t take my word for it, let the experts here weigh in first. (I’m guessing most of them will agree with me here, but maybe not)

I don’t like Boss Wolf. Ive made this clear to an alliance member who was infatuated with him (and finally listened to us and leveled Ursena instead. Yes, I know).

And I’d still level BW any day over Grimble.

I have a ton of trap tools, 12 tabards, no other 5* purple, and I still won’t level Grimble beyond 2/60. Because working on any of my 4 star purples is better.


No expertise here with either (well I have grimble at 70 if that tells you something)

If you have zero 5 star purples ascended, then neither is wonderful. But Boss Wolf is only a tank - that’s it.

Grimble at least does some damage. You should always ascend a hero with offensive capabilities first I think, and he is average mana with a decent AOE hit. If you’re highly unlikely to pull any more purple fives in next few months as you’re F2P, or you have 9-10 tabards, I say go Grimble

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BossWolf is Very Slow and might even get killed even before he fires his attack if the opponent stacks yellow.

And one thing I forgot. He isn’t ideal to go against Telluria but there are worse, removing minions from the remainder of the team is handy enough.

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Taken into consideration, then. I also think so that he’s only a tank that does riposte and boggles mana increase. Nothing much.

I wonder if the effect telluria has on non-removal of minions apply to her other allies as well or only to her? I just got my Telluria and he’s my third priority after Tiburtus now at 4/70 and Vela now at 3/55.

It applies only to her. Minions that others have are fair game.

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I suppose I stand corrected, then… Boss Wolf isn’t that great.

But I’m with @Zathrus … I think Grimble sucks. I’m still personally nominating him alongside Margaret for “Worst Hero of the Month” award.

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Grimble has some potential against minion users, otherwise he lacks versatility.
For your first 5* he is not ideal.
As of boss wolf he is a decent tank but that’s all.
You might want to wait for a better, faster purple hero like sartana for example

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Oh then if so, it’s okay to have Grimble battle a team with Telluria in it.

Okay! :smiley: It excites me to think of possible new purple 5*. I see your point. Better wait for a better purple 5*.

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I have battled Margaret and actually I don’t find her difficult to kill, so I’m with you on this thought.

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The Hotm of may is the purple everyone is talking about, if you get her she might be great.

I’ve fought several people who put Margaret on their defense teams. I’m not sure why…? She dies so easily.

I have yet to see anyone use Grimble.

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