Boss Wolf 2

Any news on Boss wolf possibly re-tweaked in the near future? For those of us who have him, wouldn’t you want him to be useful in some way cause let’s be real about 1 thing. SG won’t make him off the chart amazing but at least better than a meat tank would be appreciated!?


Sorry everyone but couldnt help but start a new thread on Boss Wolf. Feel like I’m the only one hoping he will be some what amazing in the near future.

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He has his place. Put him as tank and people without double yellow plus purge teams will avoid you. Double stack yellow and a purge makes him a joke.

Purge makes me think of Warcraft. Hahaha

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So which troop would be a good example of a mana troop? Sorry if I sound a little dumb.

I believe for purple it is Mystic mages. They are 4 star troops with the diamond symbol in thier stats. Level 5 will give you plus 7 percent Mana generation which is approximately one tile or one turn less to fill the gauge on a very slow hero.

Great thank you. I’ll pair up boss wolf properly.

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I think he must be slow manna, he is not so good to make him very slow, its all ready old hero, but that fix will change him for better way.
Now he is a purple tank against very powerful yellows. And he newer was a big problem to me.


But still VERY slow.

I welcome any buff for the puppy, but my defense has done quite well so far.

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Every once in a while I get lost in the lingo. What do you mean by purge?

Purge = Dispell

Depends on what you grew up playing, I know that action as a Purge as well.

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Gotcha…thanks for the clarification. Never was much of a gamer until this glorious mess of a game. Lol.

He is suck I think he should be at least average… I think they need to do something for purple heroes … they all suck

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All suck? Big statement…

Seshat - arguably one of the best snipers and offence heroes

Ursena - nothing more needed to be said

Kunchen - arguably best tank around…

Guardian panther - monsters those yellow titans

Khiona - attack buff is on point for a purple stack

Hel - one of the best mana blockers… Period.

Jabberwock - purple dual hitter with a high attack stat

Domitia - poor man’s seshat yes but… Still a great sniper with a dispells and a yellow defence buff


Also Victor - one of most versatile heroes around.

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Forgot Kage :slight_smile:


Also Sartana if we’re being honest. But he has disproven the claim that all purple 5* suck even with that.


First time poster here. Glad to join you guys and hope that our continued post about Boss Wolf may get some attention from SG. I too was very excited when i got boss wolf, but quickly got turned off by the Very Slow mana generation…you would think with it taking so much time for him to go off it would atleast be noticeable when he does…i mean on defense hes probably already allowed the other team to have a special and a half go off before his does, and isnt a mana hit supposed to keep them from doing just that? Not to mention his reflect…his defense is so high that hes not going to reflect much back at the attacker. Hes very underwhelming. IMO a simple bump to slow or even average doesnt make him much better either. Maybe bumping him to average and doing some damage even a small amount to a target and nearby enemies or slightly less damage to all enemies instead. Something. Hes a 5* i mean c’mon DO SOMETHING


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