Boss kill quest for season events

With the final boss for Season 5 coming up, I remembered what a blast I had with the bosses of the previous seasons, and thought it is a pity that there’s not a lot of incentive to do them again.

So I thought maybe it would be a cool idea that every time a season event pops up, players who have already completed the season get a boss-kill quest that grants a small but meaningful amount of coins to incentivize going back to the boss, and killing him again. Could be 10-25 coins.

That’s about as much as the weekly free store gifts give, but would give players a reason to go back to the cool bosses that they probably usually don’t do due to the high cost in world energy.

Anyway, I hope this sparks some ideas to bring some more love to the cool bossfights you have designed for each season. Cheers.