Boss Challenges added to game modes

Feel like E&P is missing a great opportunity here. I used to play a game back in the day called Brave Frontier. The special bosses had to be beaten it certain ways. For instance, if you beat one of the bosses, you might have to beat the second one within 5 turns or it would revive and you’d have to kill it again…etc. Feel like E&P has an opportunity to add that type of complexity to levels. Instead of them making challenges to the puzzle board, i’d rather them add some boss challenges, like the one listed above.

  1. Three bosses on board, they all have to be beaten within 3 turns of each other. You cannot focus down 1 then the other if you can’t kill it quickly enough.
  2. Two bosses, have to be beaten on the same turn.
  3. Three bosses, have to be killed in a certain order.

These are just some ideas, but I’d rather see this complexity added in at this point rather than just fiddling with the puzzle board.