Boring three star tournament again

So boring

So boring

And no. I am not going to invest in three anymore

1.1 melia is just fine

Not going to change that

Sorry you don’t like it @Ace1001

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

I think it’s a really good way to involve a few of my dusty 3*, invest in some of the interesting and unusual Atlantis or event heroes and for newer players to be able to compete.

The 5* tournament is a lot like regular raiding to me. It’s fun but just all the same characters I normally use.

But, you don’t have to join, and if you do, you don’t have to play. But if you do, you can fill up your raid chest too.

Belith is my tankiest green, but I’d rather have her on the flank ideally.

I should have mnessus maxxed in time and that gives me three dispellers to counter the buff boost.

Melia for fast and buff.

Tyrum gets a place ahead of gatto, Balthazar or Valen for the dispell.


I love the 3* tournaments.
With colour limitations and special rules they can all be fun, being different from day to day raiding.
But the 3s are the most chaotic and fun :slight_smile:


Rare tournaments support weaker players and beginners as well. Therefore I like em a lot. As a noob I always waited for sth like that.


I stopped doing the raid tournaments altogether.

Not because I thought they were boring, the rules and restrictions made them kind of interesting (always gave me a good laugh when my opponents put up multiple healers on their defense teams in the “no healing allowed” tournaments).

Not because of the weird scoring system (sometimes I didn’t get raided at all, other times I got raided by a bunch of higher level teams that knocked my defense score down to E).

Not because the of the loot reduction (free loot is free loot, plus the tournaments made it easier to fill my hero chest without using flags or risking my trophies).

I stopped doing them because I don’t enjoy raiding in the first place, and the 4 strikes you’re out rule basically meant that I was usually out by day 3. Not because I don’t understand raid mechanics, I do understand them, I just also understand that bad boards can ruin you no matter how good your strategy is. I mainly play games for fun, not fortune and glory or bragging rights (though those are nice bonuses when you can get them).

The 3* tournaments were interesting, I have plenty of 3* heroes (more than plenty, actually). I’m constantly amazed to see how many people have fully emblemed their 3* s. It’s quite impressive to see a 3* team with 2800 TP. Kudos to them! That’s some dedication right there. I personally would never emblem a 3*. I guess I’m just not that dedicated. :man_shrugging:


I get to ussaly 10 percent with this teams

And 75 gems

Crap loot and feeders needed else where…

I stuck one emblem on a couple of 3*, since I can get those back with no loss for one gem if I should need them elsewhere.

Raiding is often a chore for me, though I have gotten much better at it. Having 5 free flags for at least a couple days a week makes it somewhat less painful. Would it be nice to get better loot? Obviously. Would I actually consider continuing for gems if the loot were better? If it were like the first raid tounament, probably.

As it is, it is a diversion for 2-3 days a week. If I get exceptionally lucky, a diversion for 4-5 days in the week. (And 3* and 4* tournaments are by far preferred for me — I only have 3 five stars above 3/70…)


Yeah, that makes sense, I used to do the tournaments too, just to fill the hero chest. I just decided I didn’t want to bother anymore. I would oftentimes forget to do them, because I was more focused on an alliance war or killing a particularly stubborn titan. I’ve always considered the raid chests to be a chore, because even if you win all 6 of your first flags in a row, you still have to win 2 more later. Ugh. I don’t enjoy it at all.

Plus, I don’t have any 5* heroes above 3/70, so high level raiding for me is basically “let’s hope the boards cooperate; if not, goodbye trophies”. 1 emblem on a 3* hero is nothing. The ones that amaze me are the level 50+ players in the 3* raid tournaments who put up five 3* heroes with 20 emblems each. Then on top of that, they have a bunch of fully leveled 2* troops! Are they nuts? Or absolutely brilliant? Who knows? All I know is, I’m not going to fight them. :grin:

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3* tournaments are better than 5* ones balancewise.


This much is true, for sure. 3* are more about skill and strategy, and less about which heroes you were lucky enough to pull.


This is the tournament for new players.

They have fun and feel they have an oportunity in the game.

If you doesnt leveled a 3* you have to wait one week for another tournament.

This game is for all players. Why ignore them?


I actually find 3* to be alot of board luck. (and i have 35+ maxed 3* so quite the selection)

Their specials/damage output vs defense/hp ratio is high so a bad board that you cant get out of within a few turns will usually end in gg. With 4*, at least, there’s enough toughness (and they can often take a few hits) that it’s more possible to turn the tide. the secondary skills can also prolong the battle further


3* tourney … 2 in a row? Really? Why doesn’t SG make every tourney an option where you get to go in 3-4-5*. Just the one of your choice. That way the tourneys aren’t full of unleveled heroes, non playing participants ( that don’t give a flip) and don’t overwhelm the broken matchmaking logarithm? Honestly, as a community of gamers can we not work out some of these simple solutions to appease everyone? Probably clear up the constant snivel of “3* is great cause gives f2p a chance”. “4* are the backbone…” etc. Etc. Wouldn’t be that hard to do. I’m not into anything but the 5* tourneys and can tell you I just throw teams in the 3-4* not caring… which can’t help things or the quality of those tourneys when you half ■■■■ making use of flags. Just a thought.


I’m a supporter of the different tournaments, encourages people to lvl and play with a wider assortment of heroes.

My weakness is with slow mana heroes, I still haven’t lvled any other than Alby so I’m resisting too.

Someone mentioned above that at least the 3* tournaments are more reliant on skill because most are readily available, just a matter of which heroes you lvled.

Also, 3* take a very short time to max. With the advanced buildings upgrade costs, I’ve been lvling at least one 3* to save on food, it’s a nice bonus that they are paying dividends through these tournaments.

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Oh my god, it’s going to be a Muggy bloodbath.


Hey great!!! So you’d pick 3* tourney. Cool cool. And excellent points on why you like them.

The three star tourneys are by far the most interesting, for all the reasons mentioned here. If you don’t like them don’t join

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You are really not going to like 1* Tourneys

So vote

(Increase emblem drops or 1x Free and 1x 75g Tourney or Run five tourneys- 5* to 1*- EVERY week or still bitter about 1*+20 heroes)

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Yea cant wait to buy more hero storage at 500 gems per 5 spaces to keep maxed feeder heros. Lol

The 3*, 4, 5* ok reasonable. Still feel the 1 and 2* tourneys are pretty ridiculous and should be abolished unless SG wants to throw us enough free extra storage space to save 1 maxed version of every 1 and 2*. Expecting people to either eat 3*, 4*, or 5* to keep 1 and 2* or forking out even more money for hero storage with very little return due to nerfed loot is just something I’m surprised is so well liked across the playerbase


Problem is bud … you have everyone with all kinds of reasons for liking the 345 tourneys or not liking them. I’m not debating anyone’s choice. I’m saying offer up the choice of each tourney having all three levels and the player picks one. This will stop a lot of the “vacant” players in the raids, unused flags etc.etc. Basically the plethora of issues brought up in the tourney threads. If a player wants to be in there he will participate. Let’s face facts- everyone is signing up for the free loot … that you get if you participate or not. So, I offered up a solution… you rebutted back with “if you don’t like it don’t join” but the reality is I’m joining anyhow -half trying and screwing your tourney up with unused flags etc. Etc. If you still don’t get it I can try and simplify it even further for you… not sure how other then smoking one and slurring my speech…


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