Boring Iron Mining Quest -- Got a non-farmable

So, in the course of my boredom when my quests refreshed today, I did the food/iron quests.

To my surprise, the second level of the mining for iron produced… a damascus blade?!

I didn’t know non-farmables like that were even in the queue for possibility.

Has anyone had this happen, or am I the only one?

I didn’t think to screen shot it because I tap so fast through the loot screen (on boring quests) that I barely realized I’d gotten one. Screen shotted my inventory screen which is inconclusive, so why bother sharing it.

Hmm, the only “unadvertised” rare loot I’ve ever seen in a regular quest is an Epic Troop Token and a Raid Flask. When those drop, they drop for everyone.

I’m guessing maybe you saw another item and thought it was a Damascus Blade as it went by quickly…but maybe there’s some unannounced change or a very lucky bug.

A little iron won’t hurt me, I’ll try it out when I have the WE in a bit…

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no it was definitely a damascus blade. I screenshotted my verification on my inventory, sure as daylight there was 11 damascus blades. I was absolutely sure of my count because today I got my 10th damascus blade from a titan this morning.

If this remains a possibility, i may never skip a quest again.

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Well for curiosity’s sake, I did them all. No Damascus blade or other hidden items.

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yeah my alliance mates tried without luck also.

Is it possible it came from somewhere else? Chest? Mystic Vision?

no. not possible at all.

I am sane, have been playing long enough to know what’s going on.

Lots of nope

Recruits full?? How do you let that happen?


@Petri @Sara i am 100% positive that I got a damascus blade from the second level of the iron mining quest.

(PeachyKeen of Helios) I don’t necessarily request that you validate for these folks that I did get it (though that would be nice). But would request input if it is indeed possible to validate my thought that I will never skip a quest again.

Because, in the end, I don’t care if anyone believes me. My goal is to collect materials.


Lol, after reading this, how many rushed to make this quest ?


i would love for someone else to find another non-farmable so I dont seem crazy. But at level 52, and of sound mind & body… you’d think that I wouldn’t be making this up… plus I’ve no interest in trolling.


I’m inclined to believe you. There’s not much to gain from making it up. Just wish it would’ve happened to me too.


Nothing unusual for me either from Mine Iron stage 2. Maybe they somehow set the drop rate for a Damascus Blade to be non-zero and you got super lucky.

Hey… that works for me.



I got a wooden practice sword, if that helps XD

Did it and got 2 swords. Nothing unusual. Not doing the third as I’m full on iron for other 2 days.

Lol…I just don’t care anymore. I’ve got 40-plus days on 3 TC 11s. And 2 days worth burning back packs. I’m always in recruit surplus because I just produce food. I don’t even have tc 20 trained. I’ll run 19 sometimes
But all my heroes are 70 or higher and that’s just a food waste at ha point.

How do you know that you did not receive it from a different source?

Suppose that you defeated a titan and quickly dismissed the loot screen that contained the damascus blade (or a monster chest, or any other loot giving source). As long as you do not check the ‘ascension items’ portion of your loot inventory, the item will appear as ‘new’ the next time that you view it. Could this be a plausible explanation?

I was on an alliance where a player said he got a rare ascension item from a regular quest … food, or something.

No one believed him either and now I feel bad for him. He swore he got it and he wasn’t a new player either.