Boring gameplay

Dear mens and womens,

just to say… I’m al litte sad. As higher grown player, I cant’t see a challenge anymore. Every day I get some coins… called “silver”… but the deserved items I should get, are normally to get while repeating already solved quests. Thats ridicoulus! The same repeats at the offers! They are assembled from items, what higher grown players do not need! Same happens to the treasure chests... a lot of aluminum chips, stupid and easier to get, simple items like leather wests... wooden swords... meat and iron... something like that. I tried, and still play similar games. There, the treasures are wantful items! If you get a treasure chest there, you will get useful things! Extra energy, parts to grown up your heros... an so on! Here... you get a epic coin (whatsa really rare) and you get a hero like moonhawk or similar 3-star. Epic should be epic! Legendary should be legendary… an so on! And, by the way… there are some games, what have a training area for the ally or guild… so members can test their heros to sharpen it for a real fight! That’s completely missed here! I’m upset about the aluminum and brass coins! f… I can’t say how much! I want to get awards what deserve to call it, it cam out of a “gold” or “silver” coin / medal or it came out of a treasure chest! At the moment… there’s no treasure and no coin, what’s really something worthy!

best regards
-=[MC Maultier]=-

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