Boring Game NOW!

How did you finish Season 2 on Hard mode at level 32? I understand that people can spend a bag of money and get tones of 5* heroes, but how did you ascend them in such a short period of time?

Time spender?!??:joy::joy::joy: i think is a money spender​:joy::joy::joy:

A lot of money and luck​:joy::joy::joy:

Try dropping under 100 cups, it’s harder than you think.


If your bored then you can clean your room, vacuum, rake leaves, etc. There is always something to do. That’s the problem with kids these days, no initiative to get things done.


The 200 winstreak will be forever goal for me ( no cup drop in this case) .
Btw, I found the Endgame challenge really make me interested. Usually I get bore with 8-7 farming, but now, I hope I can get extra flag just to create all the diamond and dragon . Really appreciate this event, ♾ The Thanos Challenge – A Competition of Skill & Creativity.
Great Job !!!


I kept wondering, probably includes spending gems to skip this and that, and bought a lot…

Btw, here are the new challenges :

  1. Upgrade the troops too level 30 which is almost playstation like.
  2. Score over 200k titan damages.
  3. Tba soon…lol.

Oh your 102 raid winning streak is quite an achievement for a lvl32 xp. Great job!

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  • Defeat Ursena NM and HM without items
  • Defeat Ursena NM and HM with 4 heroes
  • Defeat Ursena NM and HM with 4 heroes and without items
  1. Add this, kill the 12* titan and score A+ without flask.
  2. B without hard battle item
  3. Raid with 4* heroes only in diamond arena ( my leader do this , this ask your skill to choose heroes, manipulate board )
    4 Challenge your self with your own goal, if you still boring, so just stop to play.
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@gavinljw try and do better than me. See below:

Its an old pic but you can see highest cup and strongest titan


46 win streak - holy cow

i can’t imagine winning 46 matches in a row!

did you drop cups super low and go for a streak intentionally?


Wow did you even enjoy the game?
No judgment from me but I’m level 34 and all I can say is WOW between me and you. I make 5 months tomorrow and this is where I am but
Congrats to you

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money money money.

So many people spend so much and get so bored.


not intentionaqlly. when i was weak (some 3* lvled) i was cupdropping to fill the chest faster.

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you have boldtusk and he has kage. i see a lot of $$$ differnce here which for a f2p is a big advantage = enjoying the game at its fullest potential :slight_smile:

ofcourse it can be also a lot of laziness in farming > lvling


I have Evelyn & Inari and the AM for them but trying to level so many others also to have flexibility in the many different game modes.

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after 5 months you have 6 tonics , 8 shields, 6 darts, 8 orbs, 4 gloves, 4 compasses, 2 tomes, 2 blades? without spending on 4* ams?
from 6* titans?

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This is exactly why I won’t be a big spender. All it does is hurry up my game. What’s the point of going so fast?

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two words:

12* Titans