Boril , what do you think of him?

Boril , what do you think of him? And matched with wu Kong is it any good ?

Awesome if you have to fight against stronger heroes/bosses and you don’t have hitters.
You win taking advantage of the opponent’s strenght.

A really poor hero when it comes to dps, so titans and events.
There you need someone that hit harder rather then wait someone else kick your â– â– â– .

Boril is similar to Cyprian. He reflects received damage back to a caster. Very convenient for raids and titans.

Wu Kong is a different case. He increases attack of all the allies as no other hero does. As far as I can see most of top players during Challenge events have Wu Kong in their teams.

I mean to ask is the gambler effect applies to borils special skill ?

No. It should not. Boril’s special is more a defense one. It’s effect can’t be increased by Wu Kong and it is stable.


I like him, solid tank, but I like cyrpian and Elena better. Due to their lower defense stat and high HP the riposte absolutely SMASHES back. Yes, they are apt to die sooner but with Elena in particular, she can take a licking (and give it too).

And Wu buffs attacks, not defense, as noted.

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I don’t think their HP has an effect on how much the Riposte hits back. Isn’t it just the amount they are hit for multiplied by the % in the special?

The enemy Gambler’s Stance does, but not the ally Gambler’s Stance.

One of the problems with Boril and Cyprian is they only reflect the damage they take. So ally defense buffs ( Blessed Brew ) and enemy attack debuffs ( Emerald Flash ) actually make riposte weaker. Since Boril and Cyprian don’t cover ALL allies, they are weak versus attack all like enemy Zeline or enemy Justice.

Since Riposte is fairly short, Heroes that stall enemy/ negate special skills, like Merlin and Peters, can negate the use of riposte, especially versus a titan.

All the above means timing the use of riposte can be really hard. And the defense team A.I. can really screw it up.

Obakan ( Cleave and counter ) makes up for it by having a decent attack stat and a FAST mana speed splash damage attack. Especially in war, fast mana is king. But also helpful versus titans and in raids.

Edit: Elena is hampered by Wall of Swords being slow mana speed.

Edit: I got lucky with Rigard/ Tiburtus/ Sabina x2 early, so never tempted to level Cyprian. First 4* blue was Grimm, not tempted by Boril.

Edit: @Redeye, sleeper is talking about defense stat. Lower defense stat= higher damage= higher riposte damage. Obakan’s and Elena’s lower defense stat helps here, especially with a decent team healer, but Boril’s high defense stat, lower’s riposte’s damage.

You can also get around riposte using board damage from a dead hero. Example: if Scarlett is dead, her high board damage will still hurt Cyprian, while riposte does nothing to a dead hero.


Yes - Gryph nailed it.

Boril should have been named Boring.


Have to ask just out of curiosity: is the rating of this forum high enough for such information?
Still, it is nice to know some trivia about the personal preferences of our dearly beloved heros.

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I was wondering if anyone would take my comment out of context :slight_smile:


Sorry, had to ;). But it really tells the same within context. After all, I just read this within the context.

Boril was one of the first 4* I had and he helped a lot in monthly event vs final bosses.
And… vs high level titan 9* the riposte can get you a great score due to its high damage return.

Riposte on high level titans and even on any Titan is awful

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a slew of epic or legendary heroes, Boril can be an absolute godsend, and yes, he pairs wonderfully with Wu Kong.

Riposte is great for rare and map quests, as well as for those struggling to survive the later stages of events. Boril’s reflect can decimate stronger bosses and AoE attackers. It’s crucial to finish rare quests and events so that you can start accumulating ascension items, and early on that can be difficult; Boril makes things a lot easier.

And he pairs best with healers and with Wu Kong, the former who can keep him alive, and the latter who can turn his minor tile damage into a major force. The major drawback to Wu Kong is that he can cause your heroes’ specials to miss, but this isn’t the case with Boril (or with healers).

If you’re still struggling to finish events or to get through quests like Mount Umber, absolutely, power up Boril. Get him at least to 3/60. And if by then you’re still struggling with events and quests, don’t feel bad at all about maxing Boril.

Sure, he’s not the best end-game ice hero. (Once you have a full team of maxed fours, with maybe a five or two in the mix, a Grimm or Kiril might fit with your team better.) But when you’re still building a team and struggling to amass ascension items, Boril is amazing.


I agree with Captain Ahab. Boril is a good tank midgame, but he loses over the long run against full 5* teams on raid defense.

With that said, I like riposte for when I’m fighting opponents stronger than me as their strength is where boril shines. His high defense makes him more survivable but he still needs healers with him. Even when you have a ton of strong heroes, he’s helpful in alliance wars. Bring him against a team of AOE hitters and you will find quite a nice hero when timed properly

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