Boril vs Cyprian - who to choose

Since there are debuffers like sand out there (all those Zimis, Celis, Sonyas, Caeds, Sabinas), reposters on defense won’t be a good choice for defense.

But both title heroes shine stacked to attack whatever. They will be devastating especially when combined with dmg deviders against AoE.

There’s not much of a difference between them. Take who ever you want or the matching color.

Momentarily I’m running like hell through S2 hard with a purple stack of Aeron, Cyprian and Proteus and my two green mean mamas. Currently 18/10 without any retries using 3 to 5 mionor items per lvl.

I make the bosses commit suicide with Cyprian, prevent them from charging with Proteus and renew my meatshield with the other 3. Real fun.

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Although the new talents give Boril some protection from being dispelled - he’s actually been quite problematic all of a sudden!


Cool to know. Thx.

I’m planning to spend emblems on both. All my emblems will go to 4* to make them 5ish.

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I have both and use both and have just maxed Cyprian finally. Seems like Boril lasts longer somehow still not sure exactly how he seems like he would be way better. I use both though to do my raiding

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Borril’s class ends up making him better than he used to be over Cyprian, because it prevents his skill from being shut down. Paladin works defensively for Cyprian, even though it reduces his damage with counter-attacks, but mana controllers (who are mostly yellow) will counter Cyprian pretty easily. Not Boril, which makes his riposte more dangerous.

Cyprian’s stats are weird for a hero that is built to be as a damage soaker.

IMO both are much better on offense if you use their riposte strategically. For wars I use both consistently. If a sniper targets them with riposte on, or anyone with splash damage, basically they blow themselves up.


Boril now with the latest updates its almost a 5* tank, updates that moved the riposte from 115 to 125% and the cleric class which give him some additional shield and resist to dispel. Really love that guy. And for quests and farming its basically a trap for mobs and bosses. But his high defense stat wont return back too much damage like Cyprian does, but still, if you flank him with two heroes that have low defense and high HP those will really become the ‘‘trap’’.


Yeah, I really need to level my Boril, though my Magni #2 is begging for love.

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The annoyance factor is marvelous for AW. I’m planning to put a defense with (all maxed) Ariel - Kunchen - Guinevere - Aegir - Evelyn (I have also Delilah and Onatel, but matching the tank’s color could thwart a little the strategy).

Most people think of Cyprian as a defensive hero, and they are just plain wrong. Cyprian is an offensive hero, a real beast against defenses with 5* AOE hitters. His place, if you decide to use him, is in the middle of the offensive line, flanked by two high HP low defense heroes - Gormek is great for that role (to maximize the riposte damage) with a purple healer on one of the wings. Charge him up and then hurl all tiles against the AOE you need taken out. Activate riposte just before AOE mana bar is full and the AOE is doomed. Then use the healer, which will also be charged (because either Rigard or Sabina are also average and charge at he same time as Cyprian). This strategy won me so many raids I can’t count…


I wan’t to see Lynne hitting boril.

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Guys is this maybe good?
I put both of them but of course I will max Cyprian first.
My Idea is they will protect left and right side.
Also 2 healers and maybu Proteus or Gretel.

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If you ask me its way too passive. Nowadays the meta is not that. A dispeller can simply ruin the whole thing even when Brynhilds dispell immunity is taken into account. You need more damage dealers on this team, i would switch Cyprian with Proteus for sure and in this setup Boldtusk doesnt make much sense as his attack buff is basically wasted because the only hero who can really benefit from it is Gretel.

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Just FYI Brynhild’s “undispellable buff” can be overwritten with Mist’s “buff block”, after which the riposte can be dispelled. So if it was me attacking your defense, I’d be sure to bring two Mists along, bonus points for being strong against Cyprian too.

Besides that, as mentioned it is way way way too passive, might keep you in low platinum but will in no way hold up in diamond or even high platinum.

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Is it better chance if I put Marjana and remove Buldtusk?

Of course I need to upgrade her to.

Only if you can max her. A maxed 4* is usually a better choice than a 3/70 5*. If you can max Marj and emblem her then put her next to Brynhild and put proteus in the corner.

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Yes I can max her.
I see she has good damage and she is fast.
I also have almost maxed Kadilen.

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