Boril vs Cyprian - who to choose

What is better Boril or Cyprian with my team.
My Team are Melendor 4/70, Justice 3/70, Kelile 4/70, Caedmon 4/70, Chao 3/60, Zeline 2/60, Delilah 1/50.
What is better to use in my team (tytan and cups).



If you must, use Boril. He’s a real tank. Cyprian is…less than good.


My alliance isn’t obsessed with titans, or raiding, but we are having fun with war.

Melendor, Kelile, Justice, Caedmon/ Zeline, Delilah ( in that order ) would be a nasty defense team, especially with the revenge bar. Justice is a good blind all enemy tank, Delilah’s minions would just add to Justice’s HP ( if still alive ), Melendor and Delilah would heal the defense team ( and keep the revenge bar damage up ), Zeline would debuff the enemies attack while removing the enemy buffs, Caedmon has a high attack stat for Piercing Strike, Kelile has a fast single target with DOT that requires Rigard/ Vivica to remove in war.

Even without the revenge bar, I would think they would do okay in raid defense, if not raid attack.


Boril over Cyprian every time…
But while I love Boril, he has his place. Not much good against Titans or on raids, really. The place I found for Boril is tough map battles (Rare Quests and/or events). Perfect Repost can make him the single biggest hitter in your team by far, but you need the defence and hitpoints he has over Cyprian to be able to take the hits.

I play these map levels with Boril and actually ‘goad’ the enemies to attack once I have a healer primed and Boril ready to try get the enemies to use their powers and spear themselves. Heal the team again after and repeat.

I found Boril less effective on Raid attack. While very pleasurable to see opponents dissappear in a puff of pink mist after an Epic special with Boril active, I find others have much better utility. I don’t mind facing defence teams that are fielding Boril… just bring along 1 or 2 buff strippers when attacking and he’s then pretty much a waste of space on defence. (If they field Cyprian, even better.)


Boril is also great against Guardian Kong. I admit that’s a narrow niche…


Boril in AW? Defense only? Attack?

(Asking for those who don’t have HOTM, and maybe not 5* either.)

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Well, basically EVERY hero in my hand that’s been leveled up gets used in AW. Riposte is only truly effective against AoE or hit-3 heroes, so I save my lone riposte hero (Cyprian) for matchups like that.

I see his primary value in Defense, particularly in among 5* heroes. You’re either forcing the attacker to bring in a 4* (Mel/Sabina, Sonya/Caedmon) or get skewered on the riposte. Even Zeline can do herself quite a lot of damage dispelling a riposte.


Yes… I put Boril in my Defence for AW mostly for plain annoyance factor. :smiley:
It forces the attacker to carry a dispeller, which really is way of forcing them to bring out an ‘A’ team to take me on.

It’s easy enough to counter him - just attack a non-riposted player with your dispeller when riposte is up… but seeing as my defence team is very healer heavy, the special to clear Riposte essentially boils down to a ‘wasted’ attack because the damage to the non-riposted hero (one of the wings) is quickly repaired.

Like I said, annoyance. :wink:

It’s proven quite effective in 3 wars now… only had my team killed in a single visit once in all of them.


I bring both boril and cyprian to aw in attacks. This is especially important since I don’t have 30 maxed out heroes…underleveled, boril hits a lot harder than straight damage dealers since it’s the opponents damage that kills.

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The perfect riposte is useful in certain situations, with AW here its perfect for those AoE hitters. Especially if you don’t have that many leveled up heros available.

Everyone says that Boril is better than Cyprian but I don’t quite get it. Could someone explain in more detail? Fully leveled stats:

Cyprian: attack: 563, defense: 605, health: 1362
Boril: attack: 501, defense: 792, health: 1151

The way I see it is that

  1. Cyprian’s attack is better. Fine, but that isn’t really the main use of these heroes
  2. Cyprian’s defense is lower but his health is higher. That means that when he gets attacked while perfect riposte is active he will take more damage but also cause more damage to the opposing team.

It seems to me that 2) means that Cyprian is better. What am I missing? For a bit of context and why I care: I am a relatively new player with all the 3* heroes (form TC 13) but only 2 4* heroes so far (Cyprian and Boril).


All I can tell you is that I can’t stand the look of Boril (there, I said it) and for my las AW I placed a maxed Cyprian (w/ re-animated master knights lvl12 troops) as my tank flanked by Rigard and Sabina. It took 4 tries for the opposing team to get past Cyprian alone LOL… He single handedly made them waste 4 energies on him…I’d say that’s pretty dang good…


My Cyprian was flanked by Sabina and Melendor.

Top opponent team spent first flag nurning C. Then finished the team with second flag. Previous war saw a gaggle of mid level teams spend 6 flags to no az vail.

Great AW defense tank.

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Narrow niche indeed. Haha. :joy:

I’ve sacrificed Zeline a few times just to get rid of him…Ugh !


Good question @samoapop

I think the defence difference makes Cyprian more ‘squishy’ though.
Mathematically, Boril has 31% more defence, for 18% less health, but that’s not much of an argument in itself without a clearer picture of the impact of increased defence on damage received (which I don’t know, unfortunately, but suspect defence is more effective than health).

Think of it this way… as you increase defence more, damage received will (theoretically) approach zero (of course the game will impose a limit). This means the health they’ll lose as damage nears zero will be orders of magnitude less than another hero with lower defence. So who would you rather be when facing a machine gun? A sick weakling in an Abrams Battle tank, or the healthiest person in the world in a kilt?

In my anecdotal experience, also, I find it easier to get rid of Cyprian in opposing teams than Boril… the latter is a tough nut to crack.

Attack isn’t really a factor as you say as the majority of their damage is dealt through the Riposte.

Unfortunately my Cyprian isn’t maxed yet… queued behind Domitia who is waiting on Royal Tabards… so I can’t compare like for like on attack. But certainly I feel Boril is more hardy in the defences I’ve faced with them.

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I’ve been using Boril in my attack team for raids team him up with 2-3 healers and you pretty much let the other team kill themselves.

I’ve only been playing a couple months but it sounds like your opposition had terrible strategy, a few names on a throw away team will easily wipe Cyprian off the board in a couple moves. I personally find it amusing because even if I waste my Banes by hitting him with riposte up I can still follow it up with massive damage to his neighbors using yellow tiles, now at no penalty since I kamikazed my yellow guys.

My standard attack team includes Boril as I’m at a stage (2 x 5s @ 70, the rest 4s) where I’m matched in raids with complete 5* teams. I can’t really do enough damage with tiles or my 4*s alone. So my main “attack” is kind of passive, BT, Kong, Boril, Proteus and a lot of tiles!

I like cyprian because he hits back so hard with high health and low defense. Just a preference.


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