Boril v/s Captain of Diamonds - whom to level


I just got both - Boril and Captain of Diamonds - who is a better hero to Level up.


This very much depends on what tier you’re raiding in and what other heroes you have.

Boril is a fine tank up through Platinum, and one of the most point-efficient low-level tanks in alliance war. Most of his survivability comes from defense, not health, so he adds relatively few victory points to the value of your team.

The real flaw with Boril is that the two best green 4* heroes counter his ability. So as people’s rosters improve, so does the likelihood that they can deal with Boril relatively easily.

Captain of Diamonds’ real strength lies in his ability to take out minions. Almost all minion producing heroes are 5*, so you’re unlikely to face tons of them before Diamond tier. But once you do start facing them, CoD is going to be quite useful.

I would probly go captain if diamonds. But just personal preference. Boril had a short life span for me, used him for a little bit then bam shelf life.

Take both to 3/60, doesn’t matter who first, then use them in different aspects of the game. Draw your conclusions from that. Whichever you find yourself using most is who should get 4 warm capes

People try look for cut and dry hero answers but most of the time it really does boil down to personal preference. A lot of heros i say are “crap”, other players(including ones in my alliance) find useful.


yeah, you make a lot of good points, Rigs. there’s always a few heroes who can counter every hero, so it ultimately comes down to team comp.

it heavily depends on what stage of the game you’re in, i.e. early level, below 1800 trophies, mid between 1800 to 2400, or late, 2400+…

if youre early, boril is a fantastic tank. but mid to late, he becomes a lot less valuable. he’s quite an excellent tank in early mid, but caedmon is a very easy pull and he has a fast dispel, which really negates borils ability.

on the other hand, im seeing more and more heroes with minions (not to mention druid talent tree), so i think captain of diamonds will only become more valuable as time goes. quite versatile against any target with minions.

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Boril is an ok tank.

But that’s not what he’s best at.

Me too. I used him early on, then stopped for a long time.

Until he got un-shelved.


Why I use Boril every day

Context: I raid in high Platinum to low Diamond (2250-2600 cups), and open nearly all of my chests in Diamond now.

I have few 5* heroes. Evelyn at max, Leonidas and Thoth-Amun at 3-70, and Vivica at 3-61 on her way to max…in the month that will take.

But the Defense Teams I face are chock-full of 5* heroes. Including plenty HOTM.

I usually have a 400-800 tp gap between my team and the teams I routinely beat. For me to win raids, I have to stack, usually 3-2.

For every red tank, Boril is definitely in my blue stack.

Obviously his attack isn’t why — it’s because Perfect Riposte on Offense is killer, especially against AoE hitters.

Many a Zeline, Isarnia, Quintus, Azlar, and Elena have suicided themselves on my Boril.

And he can prove useful with target + nearby hitters or even snipers too.

Paired with Grimm and Sonya or Triton (depending whether any of the heroes have buffs), along with Proteus and (usually) Rigard, he’s part of an effective killing team.

So I’d suggest considering Boril not for Defense — but Offense.

And for what it’s worth, I’d say that’s true for Captain of Diamonds too — much better suited to Offense.



My Team - Guys suggestion for this.

Agree with using counterattack in offense. I pulled Cyprian early and have him on the way to max (4-11). Always part of my raiding squad with two healers to keep him in the fight. Few times he is the last survivor.

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