Boril toughest shield in game I think ? Anyone seen a better shield :) who is telluria lol

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would have been interesting if they made boril’s buff undispellable.


Top 10:

Also worth pointing out that having a really high defence stat is actually a terrible design for a counter-attacking hero…

Counter attack returns damage based on the damage received. So having LESS defence but MORE HP will result in a better utilisation of the counter-attack mechanism… Less Defence so they take more damage & hence counter more damage. More HP so they can survive the increased damage they take.

Best example is comparing Costume Elena to Normal Elena:

You can see that the HP on costume elena is increased but the Defence has been decreased. Thus taking better advantage of the +155% counter effect.



So your telling me i went hardcore for nothing lol bugger thought he was alright and i reset vivicia ah well he can â– â– â– â–  some blows with Santa on the chin for a bit and ill mix up fast hitters with them :frowning:

He’s still a good 4* Tank. Just doesn’t make a huge amount of sense from the Counter Attack Perspective :slight_smile:


He’s better with the costume bonus… it’s just unfortunate that he. Had such good looks in costume, but that’s really all it has going for it.

the paladin defense bonus is insane against his base def. I think he is pretty solid for the buff booster tournaments. in a no green buff booster, knocking him out will take more than one sonya lol When I get his costume, I will max him just for those tournies.

definitely not worth the emblems though…

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