Boril specials

I was raiding in the tournament & noticed when Boril (tank) fired his specials it lit Dominic (flank). When the turns were over & Borils “counterattacks” came off I went to attack him only to find that Dominics counterattack never came off.
I’ve not seen this on the forum but if it’s a repeat please merge.
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What was the team you used, and the rest of the opponents team?

Potentially rather than time expiring, the counter attack might’ve been removed from Boril.
If this was done by a blinded Caedmon/Sonya/Sabina/Melandor etc. It could have missed the flank. Or perhaps you used a more targeted dispeller like Kage, Domitia or Seshat.


Tbh, I should’ve thought to take a SS but I didn’t & I don’t recall the teams as I change often when raiding :woman_facepalming:t2: I recalled those 2 only bc Borils counterattack was gone 1 turn before Dom’s.
I do, however, know I didn’t use the ones you mentioned. This was during a raid in the tournament so no green allowed. I know I had at least Vela & Justice but those are all I recall

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