Boril special not workung

Boril should counter for 5 turns but is only working for 1 turn, anybody else have the same issue?

There are a large number of special attacks, enemies and provinces that affect specials like Boril’s

What’s the situation?

Are you on a particular map stage?

Are you in a raid or war?

Can you post screenshots?

Riposte can be dispelled by many heroes like Melendor, Sabina, Sonya, Caedmon. Belith and lots of 5* Heroes.

Are you on a Magic Night stage in Season 2?


Last action was indeed on a magic night stage, thanks for your help


I find my Boril works fine but takes forever to activate. In the meantime if in a raid an opponents Boril activates fast. Not sure why that is

The more tiles that hit a hero,the quicker they charge. As boril is almost always at the centre, he takes a lot of hits and charges quickly. In addition, he may be equipped with mana boosting troops or emblems.

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