Boril hacks - The Spirit of Perfection? How does Perfect Riposte combine with Spirit Link? [MASTER]

I’ve just trained Boril!

And I’m quite chuffed because he’s caused me many a headache in the arena.

If you combine his Perfect Riposte with Kalani’s Spirit Link, does he riposte with the normal amount of damage or just his proportion of it after it’s shared out?

Are there any other interesting combinations that go well with him?

Thanks for your help.

As far as four-star teams go, a team of healers with Wu Kong and Boril can be devastating and really punch above its weight.

The idea is to keep Boril healed up and do your damage with tiles strengthened by Wu.

He’s great for helping those having trouble clearing events and rare quests as well, as riposte really decimates those AoE bosses.


Nice pull, he was my first ever 4* and so will always be a bit special to me. He’s been on my defense and “main” teams for a really long time, though now I don’t use him much for attacks anymore (but still on defense).

Boril will reflect actual damage done back, and as Spirit Link will greatly diminish the damage your heroes will take, it also diminishes the damage reflected back a lot. Personally I don’t think these 2 specials are a good combination.

Best reflect damage is to be had with heroes next to Boril who have high health points but relatively low defense. And ideally a healer of course to restore lost health points. :slight_smile:

And I agree with @Cpt.Ahab, Boril can be really valuable when facing hard-hitting stronger opponents - and indeed Wu Kong is also great for punching above your weight (and of course Titans)…


I have got an issue to share. I have seen when Wilbur’s Wonderful Feast activates Boril does not counter attack with 115% of recieved damages. Is it normal or a bug?? Please confirm.

@DevilsDane Good question! (and I moved it to a more relevant albeit old topic)

When Spirit Link is active, damage is distributed amongst the heroes. This significantly reduces the amount of damage Boril takes and reflects, as noted above:

Is that what you’re wondering about?

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I have different question regarding spirit link and riposte, instead of attacking opponent which have riposte with hero that have spirit link, it is about using spirit link and riposte at the same time.

I notice that when I use both Cyprian and Gunnar for rare quest, the reflected damage is lower. When the boss is a single hitter and it hit my Cyprian with both Riposte and Spirit Link activated, it only return 115%/5 of the damage (I have 5 heroes alive), so when the boss should have hit 1000, spirit link divide it by 5 so each heroes receive 200, the damage reflected is only 230, 2 heroes flanking Cyprian also receive 200 damage but they don’t reflect it although they has Riposte activated.

When the boss skill is hit all, only around 115%/15 x 3 of the damage is reflected. For example after spirit link, each heroes receive 50, 40, 50, 60, and 40 damage (differ due to defense difference of each heroes), let just assume that the 3 heroes with Riposte are those whose defense caused 40, 50, and 60, the boss receive reflected damage 46, 57, and 69.

Is this an unintended bug or damage synchronize is somewhat incompatible with Riposte?

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@yelnats_24 I moved your question to a thread that we can use to help answer it. :slight_smile:

This is true. As you’ll notice in the discussion above, they’re not ideal skills to use together, because the Spirit Link from Gunnar diminishes the damage Cyprian takes and can reflect.

Both can be useful in a Rare Quest, but for different reasons — Gunnar helps with survival, and Cyprian can help you kill bosses by having them suicide themselves against his Riposte. But they don’t work super well together.


After ai activate Wilbur and mitsuko , the contraatac didan’t share to other herous

yes, that’s correct. That’s how Riposte works; only direct damage is counter-attacked, so that’s why only Cyprian counter-attacked and the other 2 heroes did not.

On top of reducing the damage reflected, that’s also another reason why Spirit link doesn’t synergize well with Riposte; any shared damage isn’t countered.

See my above reply… riposte only counters direct damage. Also, Mitsuko’s Mirror of Flames only counters blue offensive skills, not normal attacks.

Here’s the reason I think it’s working like that with Athena, regarding her special:
The target and nearby enemies get -41% defense and a further -4% decrease every time they are hit for 4 turns
Note that it says HIT, not “counterattacks with taking damage”. They should do a complete switcharoo between them if this is the case.

Say that the damage received is the situation for Athena and counterattacks from each hit for the counterattacking heroes.

Again: the cars descriptions are quite simply idiotic. And note that Athenas debuff is capped at 65%,which they seriously need to put in there!

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