Boril Brothers

Those shields are made from borillium :wink:

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Brother 4^70: My shield is made of the strongest material known to man, can withstand any force! And this hammer, it will smash through any shield, guaranteed!
Melendor: So what happens when you take your hammer and smash against your shield?
Brother 5: He may be the strongest, but nobody said he was the smartest.
Melendor: Mmm hmm.


Is that Gimli from Lord of the Rings?

Naw, they have Borilium, but that’s clearly Fili, Kili, Ori, Dori, and Nori - can’t you tell? :wink:

Easy guess! He’s the one with 800+ defense! :wink:

Actually his hammer is quite useless… mostly they manage to kill themselves on his shield… But I can see how Melendor isn’t quite impressed by it…

Yes of course i can tell

Hmm, shield made from strongest material known, hammer to smash through any shield.

Is Boril the result of a cataclysmic fusion of Captain America and The Mighty Thor (perhaps brought about by the joining of six coloured gems)? Will he show up in the End Game?