Boril and perfect riposte

What would be the best use for Boril? I’ve been using Grimm for a while (defense and titans) but recently got Boril… I’m not finding him very useful yet. Maybe I need a different tactic.

Defense for raids. Can also use him as 2nd blue on a red titan


Thanks. Also recently acquired him and was thinking the same. He’s not a good replacement for Sonia on attack, but I like his ‘annoyance value’ on defence. If the attacking team doesn’t have a buff stripper, they will struggle.

Thinking he’s also good for tough boss battles - he doesn’t offer protection, but the mad damage that the bosses do will at least reflect to them - especially if they use AoE. AoE against a Boril reflection buff is deadly for the attacker.

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Maxed out he isnt terrible for raid offense either.

Place him so he covers himself+2x heros.
When the opponent have a heavy hitter special ready.
You pop the Perfect Riposte.
They attack and do huge damage to themselves.
Your hero might die, but so might theirs.


Also, boril kicked butt in last event. Enemies kept killing themselves

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I find boril really useful on raid attacks. AI defense is too dumb to not attack him or those protected by perfect riposte. Need a counter for colen? Boril at your service.


He’s not the only Perfect Riposte either (Cyprian is another), so you can collect a few of these and switch your color around as need demands. :wink:


All good stuff - Looks like my newly acquired Boril is a keeper. :smiley:


Thank you! He’s a keeper then!

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I surely like to use him to double ice heroes on fire titans, since riposte comes really in handy.
But for raids i prefer Cyprian.

The reason is that Melendor and Caedmon are both green heroes and dispeller, so basically the perfect countermeasure.

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As stated earlier there are two other that possess this ability and there is also 5* Red Elena. Using two at once can cover all 5 heroes. Bring out some blue potions, charge them up and let the enemy commit suicide. Include a healer with a attack buff or attack and defense buff and two fast hitters and you are ready to rock n roll. Good luck

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Im using him and 2 healers for defense, for me this is a solid not killable team

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@Morgana-3, Thanks for posting this question and to everybody who answered, because I just pulled Boril as well and was wondering the same things.

Now I know I will keep him! :blush:

Thanks all!!


The bug page is locked so I’ll post this Perfect Riposte issue here. There is an issue with Perfect Riposte! Say a hero with PR active has 100 hp left. An attacker hits the hero for let’s say 300 damage, killing him. The hero took 100 damage since that was all the hp he had left. PR SHOULD deal 115 damage to the attacker, but as of now the attacker only takes 100 damage. Not a major issue, but it is a bug that should be fixed nonetheless.

Perfect riposte gives back a percentage of damage suffered, not damage dealt.

So a hero that has 100hp cant suffered for 300, and it is right to deal back only for 100.

Otherwise a 1hp Boril can oneshot a Lianna.

But at 115% of damage suffered he should take 115 damage

Bumping this thread rather than creating a new one.

I have an almost maxed Boril at 4.36 and suddenly got another one from Epic Hero Summon.
What do you think of 2 Borils (2 perfect ripostes) to cover the whole team?
Anyone tried it? (Maybe Boril + Cyprian)

But I think 2 Borils will be interesting since they will be charged at the same time, and have a high defense and health…


Not ideal as defense in raid … With green stacked of caedmon and melendor … And/or little John then you will be killed before boril can trigger. But again it all depends on the tiles, and just talking about 4* greens

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It can be effective on offense if the opponent relies heavily on snipers to defend, as they’ll fire and suicide themselves into Boril and allies. As long as you don’t trigger your opponent’s dispeller. Can also be good during campaign levels, particularly against those season 2 bosses that hit all your team. Good for tough bosses like the ones at the end of class quests or Hard Atlantis levels too, since even their regular attacks do a considerable amount of damage.

It’s not good against passive enemies, as they don’t fear the counter-attack buff. Also be aware that burns, poisons, and similar “damage over x turns” ailments bypass the buff (i.e. the damage from that isn’t countered).


I want a Boril. Seems good.

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