Boredom in Diamond raids / 5* Tournaments / Wars

Surprisingly, this issue has been raised before :thinking:


Here’s an idea:

Now that enough time has passed, for the
on-going process” to be “monitored
Now they can “adjust accordingly
with: BALANCE UPDATE (2/2)

And finish making her a true Average speed hero
by seeing to those Santa Stats!..


Restore her original glory. And make her skill SPEED match it’s true strength.
…and match her current stats…

What i was referring to.

So no it wasnt off topic

Again butt hurt cream…find it…buy it…eat it.


It started to happen in my alliance, and we had just started recently to see all those Tellurias in the battlefield. One is leaving, couple of them are asking this kind of questions:

It’s true that over time all of us found or will find our answers to this challenge, but the real question is: is it fun?

Unfortunately I have only Telluria ( without Vela ) as top tank so I stay with her. But my defense is quite easyly beatable anyway! :rofl:

I think the reason Telly is still seen so often is emblems and lazy players! :smile:

So it will take some time until we see a big variety of tanks over 2.6 k although the situation seems to improve over time.

And it is always very heartwarming to see players saying a hero is overpowered if the cant cope with it, or in this case the GTV combo, and cant be bothered to invest some food to avoid it!

My 9.9k raid wins, without cup droping, tell me there are some lazy players around that prefere to complain over working hard for their raid wins! :rofl:

To help with my own boredom in raids, I am deliberately picking ridiculous battles some times. Ones I think “hahaha no chance I will win this one… i will be lucky to even tank bust”… then it’s even more fun if i somehow manage to win it. If I lose it, I just laugh too because I knew i wasn’t going to. So it’s “win-win” either way.

The only time now that I get annoyed, is if it’s a team I “should” easily beat but i have such horrible tiles OR if I am trying to fill my chest and lose some stupid ones.


My, my are we convinced of ourselves and seemingly a know it all person!
If I follow the forum you seem to be a minority but you sound like the king on the hill who is alway right! :rofl:

@nevarmaor is absolutely right and time will save your problem. You only have to be patient and “gasp” wait or work for your sucess!

If I can cope with raids and tournaments why cant you?
I am sure my FTP roster is not better than yours maybe with the exception that I have Telluria which keeps my cups between 2400 and 2500! :smile:

So get on with it, start using your brain cells and stop complaing here how op Telly is. She isnt anymore and your complaing is geting old news.

Hey…I focused on 4* oot of necessity and 4* tournaments are a lot of fun to! :smile:

I don’t even have Telly but my Justice tank manages to keep me floating between 2400 and 2600 cups :rofl:. I am still spectacularly hopeless against Telly-Vela combo but Telly alone now actually scares me less than Ursena.


There already is an effective counter against not only Telluria, but the GTV whole trio.

The problem is that hero(in) was overlooked the month she came out. It was until people played with her they realized how valuable she is in raids.

And now with GTV all over the place, Grazul has become pure gold, but not many players have her, so they are still “waiting” for a Telly counter.

But that doesn’t matter, because top spenders players will always have the best tanks, and above 2700 cups teams will almost always be the same.

And now SGG has found a new way to increase revenue: release top heroes as HOTM, they become more availabe and players will have a full month to spend for trying and get them.

From here on out. Probably… I sure hope not.
I hope the super creep thing was a one-off. If the plan now is to make the swamp change colors…
What an awful plan!

This was never normal before

Before Telly kicked in the door
The most any hero achieved was 28.8%

That’s closer to 1/4 of all raids than it is 1/3
Compared to this snooze fest…well…
There’s really no comparison!

Because No Hero before was released
with Slow hero Stats
Slow hero skill
At average speed

And here we are… still looking at it
The skill is equivalent to average speed now
But those stats aren’t!

nobody is saying telly is overpowered anymore, or shouldnt be saying that. my complaint is that it’s boring to face her 90%+ of the time.


I updated this graph for relevance of the topic

I think @Razor put it best:

It could take some time before it reaches its peak of decline or perhaps it already has. One thing for certain, the fear that they (Vela & Telly) would become useless was truly an overreaction to a very worst-case scenario that had very little chance of occurring.

You can see the truth there about…so-called
Other previous dominating heroes…

Personally… I believe the decline has ended.
I believe the majority of Telluria owners

thousands… maybe over a million players

Were unable to level & emblem her so quickly!

I believe her appearance will climb back up!
As the blue collar players are introducing their
very own average speed damage/cleanse/dispel Green Tank with Slow-Powered Stats, and minions
into the swamp…

“climb back up”…”decline” haha
Really, nothing has changed.


Maybe but it will be Telly without Vela so who cares ?

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YOU ARE “THE CHART MAN” @Pompitous - killer truly!
Appreciate the quote - honored! Thanks my friend!

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without Vela, I think more players have Vela actually than Telluria to be honest. She will be where ever Telly goes, thats my forecast… and mentioning that. We are at about % to goal to find out…

My absolute favorite thing to do, tiring as its not fully automated by any means… but I’m like a kid in a candy store and I say Vela is right there this 30+ days later…


Players took a pass on Grimble and spent all their Buddy/Santa/North tokens in January. There must be lots of Velas.

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IMO it was just a question of availability.

Former super-tank Guin was only available for a short period of time with around 0,4% chance of getting specifically her (and that’s BEFORE LOTL and BK came in to only reduce those chances).

Kunchen and Ursena came to fill the gap of high end non-Guin-owning players.

On the other hand, Telluria was a largely advertised tank HOTM, available in several portals (Epic, Elemental, Atlantis, Costume Chamber, Valhalla, etc.).

If SGG releases a new super-tank as HOTM, we will see exactly the same happening once again.

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I partially agree with you @Sernarok

The chief complaint is saturation
And most players (like most media outlets…)
point their fingers at one tree in the forest
and claim that it’s on fire! If we put that one tree out, everything would be fine…

All Hotm are available for a month.
Which makes the net to catch one…very wide!
But, why didn’t previous Hotm break the raid button?
Telluria was not the first Hotm…

  1. HoT + Minions (dispell)
  2. Mana Slow (cleanse)
  3. Average Speed
  4. Damage
  5. Stats!
  6. Vela
  7. Hotm Availability
  8. Class (lineup compatibility & tank enhancement)
  9. Beta sample size and ignored players

This was a Perfect Storm… not “just” one tree

So… SG released BALANCE UPDATE (1/2)
And tried desperately to push her
skill strength towards Average speed.
Instead of…
Push her speed towards the skill strength.

Which is fine but…
They overlooked her stats…
Look at the other average speed heroes: you have to slap a costume on to compare.

Tanks are either going to absorb tiles or die.
Which actually boosts their speed if they survive.
And gives added value to “healing” tanks!
Telly is still…by far… the best Tank in the game
at 82.21%

Her skill is no longer out of balance with average speed.

1-4 is fixed. So is 6 imo
7-9 require a time machine. That ship has sailed…
Which leaves one item on that list
within range of BALANCE UPDATE (2/2)

I think SG has demonstrated they don’t wish this game to become imbalanced:


Thanks for the in-depth overview - this sums it all up no other reason to read anything else. Thanks @Pompitous

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