Boredom in Diamond raids / 5* Tournaments / Wars

Let me start by saying “I love this game” I’ve been playing over 600 days and find comfort in a terribly uncomfortable time with this game. Notwithstanding, I don’t like when a game reaches a point where you see the same constructed team over and over and over. Seshat+20, Vela +20, Telluria+20, GM+20 and DF+20 with lvl30 troops on each…or some minor variation thereof.
I spend, because I can. I do not fault people for spending or conversely not spending. It is up to the individual to decide what/how much/and if it is worth it. I’m at a frustration point due to the current meta defensive team construction and that the outcome of the battle is so very dependent on the initial tile allocation. This doesn’t make for a fun and entertaining experience. I understand that the predicate to this game is chance…that is one element that make it both very fun and profoundly frustrating. However, when raiding in high diamond it is the same team over and over. I’m not sure what I’m seeking to gain from this topic, except the opportunity to publicly vent. I’m sure @Guvnor, @zephyr1, @Rook will assign this to one of the vent/complaint threads…
Anyway, I really enjoy this forum and the community that this game has spawned!


Can the developers of game make a search opponent and attack at raids?? Would make some fun


I feel like the reason we see the same defense over and over is a product of those defenses winning consecutive raids in a row on a regular basis and so, they are holding the higher trophy amounts. It can be a bit boring to see them over and over though, for sure… but I’ve still found fun in taking them on with different teams, different strategies, and sometimes just doing silly things like raiding them with just 3 blue heroes just to see if it can be done (yes, it can be). Tell is a tough tank and vela flanking her just makes to much sense… gm has always been there and wings I still find vary a bit (although it’s mostly drake, Cjoon, Seshat, jabber, finley type stuff). Anyway, hope you find some fun with the new game challenges over time, but if not, that’s what war, tournies and things of that such are for, a bit more variety there (depending on where you war). Anyway, good luck finding the fun.


Please merge this.
We don’t need more rant threads for GTV than defenses of those.


Positive outlook time. I see this as less of a rant against GTV and more of a confirmation on the benefits of spending less and slower in game progression. I always have something to look forward to. The game is always evolving and there are always new heroes, new challenges, and new heroes if you slow your progress to allow the devs to stay ahead of you.


that is not true. having ventured into diamond for the PoV challenge, I was surprised to see a lot of vanilla TC20 teams in low diamond. I was even more surprised to see that my was able to stay there comfortably.
these mega-powerful teams have gone all the way up to 3k cup range, and as a result previously platinum teams went to diamond. so I would say diamond tier has become more diverse.
at this rate, SG will have to create a new tier for 3k+ cups soon.


It is very good for me) I do not think than get more than 2400 cups is required)

can we not merge this. we need as many threads as possible stating the obvious here. it really sucks that everybody is running the same defense, so boring.


Agree. But I want more synergies like Telly/Vela) Because as we see from data of @IvyTheTerrible, Telly without Vela just a top tier tank, but synergy makes her devastating)

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Hey, @Rowan1, why don’t you join me in my raid experiment? I’m closing in on a finalized roster and then it’ll take me a little time to outfit it (mostly I’m trying to minimize shifting emblems around), but I’ve already dabbled a little bit and it’s been fun. Truthfully there are many very good heroes on my roster (e.g., Costumed Melendor +16 or so) who I rarely to never use, and it’s been interesting to see how I can do with them.


no idea what you’re experiencing but it’s not what I am experiencing. the only thing I see change is whether the defense team has jf or gravemaker added to vel + tel.

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Really. Sit at 2450 cups and do a bunch of rerolls. 4400 Telluria, 4500 Telluria, 4300 JF Telluria Drake, 4700 Telluria, 4200 GTV, … 4000 JF Boril Telluria (aha, found you!)


I’m afraid I’m one of the ones that runs this. My D is Seshat Grave Tell Vela Drake. You see it a lot in higher levels of Diamond because, with that defense, you don’t need to raid anybody to reach 2800+ cups. It’s a bit boring to see the same D but it clearly works. That’s why nobody is changing it


Raiding is boring as hell since Telluria. No idea why so many people say she doesn’t need a nerf.


It’s a factor of the game. There’s a best tank. Min/Maxers will run it. It was Ares then Guin then Kunchen then Ursena and now telly. Telly was easier to get than Guin or Ursena, so proliferated fast.

There are heroes in the pipeline to counter them. This is just a moment in the meta - it will shift again in a few months.

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That’s the crux of it right there. You have to accept that the consequences of spending at that level is you will land among people who also spend to get what they want, and they all work off the same math and that means facing the teams the spreadsheets tell them are the best.

I am where you are on the leaderboard: lots and lots of Telluria tanks, 4500 TP and up. It used to be Guenivere. Its a consequence of my TP and spending choices. Part of the “is it worth it” to work into your calculations.


It’s gotten very stale. Iam usually around 2500/2600 cups when I wake up in the morning. I used to enjoy filling my raid chest, now it gets boring when every team is basically the same comp and the only thing that changes is where your tiles are.


The problem is that it has rendered much of the game unplayable for the non-spenders, which is why I suggested shunting spenders into their own ecosystem. They have always been paying to play a different game than everyone else, but now, as with all money-focused ecosystems, the wealthy can only be satiated at the expense of the majority. That’s what we’re seeing, and why spenders need to have their own arena.

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I wonder?! So before telly, what was the Common Def? Random? Usually in High End Tier people bring just the “best possible”, thats the reason why they on Top.

As i mentioned somewhere, for more Diversity, they have to be Different Emblem Paths, which u are able to create a Different Unit then the other Player and maybe it leads to Different Teams based on the possibilities.

Cause right now, people get a Hero, Emblem them and all have the same Unit.

Next is, what exactly make this Def so good? Isnt it possible create a Different Rainbow with same “idea” if u lack some of the Units and use lets say a purple Tank, then the Roster would Change?! Ill be there in 3 years and Change the Meta :smiley:


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