Bored to kill titans

I am tired of killing titans and not receiving anything good. I have not obtained 5 * climbing materials for a long time. I am a soldering iron, I always leave A + and I am connected all the time. It’s the second time it happens to me that the game stops like this. It seems that when you manage to be a good player the advance stops and they put you in the freezer. this does not seem random anymore. It seems programmed.

What star level titans are you fighting?

I think there is a language issue here. I think what is being said is: I’m getting disconnected mid-battle and scoring zero on some hits.

@espirel is that right?

Think game stops = progress stops

He’s scoring A+ consistently but not recieving mats

I may be wrong though

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Actually i think that he means that he’s in a titan kill no AM reward roll for the second time and he believes that it is not random

If that’s the case, I’d suggest that @espirel should join an alliance that’s hitting bigger titans. Scoring A+ consistently against a 4* Titan still gives crap loot. Way better getting Bs on an 8*.


I second that. Just got some rings on a 8* doing B damage


Titans lvl 10. My team get ascention objs 5* but not me. Include in rare titans


Exactly. My progress is stoped

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I thought that might be the issue too, which is why I asked what level titans @espirel was hitting.

Looks like that’s not the issue, since even a C on a 10* would be above the loot tier 9 threshold for 3 ascension mat rolls. And getting A+ on a 10* is all the way to tier 13 loot.

Sounds like this is more the “A+ curse,” where RNG frustrations are setting in despite doing everything “right,” when it seems like others are getting the mats you need all the time. I’m not sure there’s much to do for that, other than patience, unfortunately.

From my understanding A+ has more mat rolls but there is only 1 A+ player out of 30

There are more than 1 player in the other grades

So more chances to see other players get mats than the A+ player

I don’t remember off the top of my head how many players are in each grade but just theoretical example:

1 A+ player
4 A players
10 B players
10 C players
5 D players

So every player gets mat rolls, but it wont be uncommon for you to see more C players get mats than A or A+ players simply due to more players in the other grades even though A+ individually has more chances than the other players

But if 1 A player, 2 B players, 3 C players all get mats then it’s easy to percieve that those grades get more mats than A+ when it actually just means more players get mats in those grades due to there being more players in those grades

All theoretical and speculation of course as i have no hard data to support this. I know I’m in A+ quite a bit and it seems i tend to always have more mats than my fellow teammates so i believe it averages itself out but still goes through dryspells of no mats for a bit which also happens in the other grades

Just food for thought

This has a really good summary of loot tiers:

And I agree, I think this is a dry spell issue.


This is a pic from @Rael, showing how many unfarmable rolls you could get.
Rare titans increase the loot tier by one.


I wish this was more common knowledge. I cringe when people claim B gets better loot than A in alliance chat.


what kind of rewards do you get when you collect your kill titan archivement chest box top left ??

I get very bad rewards in the chests of five titans. The same goes for all the rewards in general. I no longer get AM of 5 * more than in color missions

the problem is not that I get A + and get worse prizes than my alliance partners. what I say that I have the best performances in the game and yet seems to stall the achievement of AM. I do not get them anymore as the rest get them.

you are just unlucky. this is a game of patience. not a p2w game.

have patience and hope for the best

example: playing this game for like 4 months now. i have max 3xAM for lvling a 5* to 4th tier (4* AM) for a colour and from those at least 2 i got from rare quests. you are not the only one.

My RedHood has only 2 rings and probably will be another at least 3-4 months until i hope to get another 4 rings (mount umber was completed last week; stage 24 xmas advanced to much for me)

Do you keep a log of your titan drops?

I’m not trying to dismiss your worry. I found myself getting irked by the comments in alliance about B loot being better than A, and started keeping track. I’ve had dry spells, but my drops are not as bad as I thought they were before I started logging. Though I agree there are not many of the 4* materials, and I definitely get more 3* mats for some colours than others.

Edit: I have also had a bad run of titan chests, terrible war loot, and less than stellar elemental chests. but it’s definitely easier to get the big, and longer term picture if you log it.

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Forgive me, I’ve been playing for a year and a half and I think I have the game experience so as not to complain about lack of patience. I have the heroes promoted and it cost me a lot to achieve the AM. I’m saying that I think there is a curve for obtaining AM when you reach more advanced levels. If there are others who are in this situation, I would like to know.