Bored out of my as soon as you open this I'll tell you

So, they say that necessity is the mother of invention. But the same could be said about boredom. Here’s a thought, how about adding a feature that keeps track of our top scores per level completed. Farming becomes so monotonous and sometimes there’s nothing else to do.

Specifically speaking for the folk who play frequently.

How about making farming a little more fun and allowing us to keep track of our best times, this way we can try beating them. It would also be good practice for monthly events… Shoot, I’ll go one further and add a handicap feature, which would essentially be the color that you want to nullify. Also, maybe a way to re-set scores from the preferences panel. The rewards don’t change at all, everything else remains the same. I think this might keep some of us a little more entertained while we wait around for resources to build or simply just to help us hone in our skills…

Ok, I’m done… When should I expect this to be implemented ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll do you one better…how about a rating system and rewards for completing stages under certain parameters, i.e. one star for beating the stage, two stars for beating the stage without losing a hero, three stars for beating the stage without using battle items, four stars for beating the stage under a certain time, five stars for beating the stage with restrictions (like the beginner and intermediate stages of the special events). Complete all stages in a province with 5 stars and get a prize chest.

edit: changed “level” to “stage”

I can’t believe you posted this because I was having this exact thought a couple hours ago. In addition to the best overall time in the level over all the game’s players, one could have the best time in the alliance, and of course your best time.

Long time ago I made a topic with a lot of ideas for stuff to do. I’m gonna shamelessly plug it here as not to repeat myself, cause I feel like I wanna repeat myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha, I wasn’t trying to give the devs a ton of work. But I like where you’re going with it. I think something along those lines would keep us engaged endlessly…

I’m going to have to charge u rent… :wink:

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I really love the idea of engaging the alliance. Perfect training tool for less experienced players as well. But you could have staggered challenges, i.e Level ‘X’ with 3*s only this week. Etc, the sky’s the limit.

PS. Try to contact me telepathicly just to see if we have something going on… :- b


Here, I pay in unicorns.

I just really want achievements in the game, man :rofl: I’m gonna lobby for them till they happen, everywhere, anytime!

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