Booted when starting the new event

Everytime I try to start playing the new event I get booted and connection error message. I already cleared the game and Google play cache!
I am Lord Taz™ in the game

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First off, please remove your Account Number from the OP. @zephyr1, @Rook, @DaveCozy, @JonahTheBard & @littleKAF.

Hopefully this has resolved itself in the interim since you posted.

My only suggestions might be to:
a) close the game fully & reopen
b) restart your device
c) switch from cell-data to wifi (or vice versa)

Unfortunately this is a community forum so we can only give advice. To get in contact with devs and stuff directly you’ll have to contact support:

I got here my hitting the “report a bug” button in the game. The issue still persists and only started happening when guardians of teloc started today. I’ve tried everything short of uninstalling and reinstalling the game. When I click the “support” button it takes me right back to the forum


There is an option to “Create new request” on the support page.

Check the link I posted above.


I found it… And just submitted a ticket. Thanks



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