Booted from tournament m

I was in the middle of my first tournament battle when it booted me and I got a “our server is at capacity” message, after roughly 3 minutes of trying to log back in I found I had been credited with a loss when I was winning! Who do I complain to?

I had a message that there would be server maintenance. Could this be the case?

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Best to contact support with screenshots etc


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No, it wasn’t maintenance but they are changing the server support to new version.

I have waited until 5 minutes past the scheduled time, at first it was normal but then when I am filling my monstet chest I also disconnected with that message.

There was a in game message from SG to avoid any important battles during maintenance break. It’s always a good idea to avoid playing the game around these updates.


It happen well after 09.30 UTC, around 09.45-09.50 UTC.

Usually that’s a rough time, and the server update can take from anywhere between 30 mins to 1 hr. It’s better to avoid the game during this time.

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Usually SG said how long but this time they are not, it wasn’t actual maintenance, just disabling support for old version. @Petri

We had a small server-side issue during our maintenance that caused some players to disconnect from the game. This issue should be now resolved. My apologies for any inconvenience caused by this incident!


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