Booted frm game during AW!

Game screen went blank, kicked me out completely. Wiped all progress. Put me bk @ S1 lvl1 tutorial!

Finally got in thru FB acct, but lost a flag.

Another alliance member lost a flag same way also!

What a pain! How can ur servers b overloaded during AW? U know there will b more traffic! Frustrating & Not fair!

Posted a tkt, response frm SG was boilerplate B.S. that my equipment must be at fault, not them.

Mod. Closed this topic.

I am not the only person to notice this! Neither my equipment nor my connection are the problem. Many others have the same complaint, & unsatisfactory response from SG!

SG won’t take responsibility for thier inadequacy. They blame players. To them, we are just fungible cash cows to be milked.

I think about this b4 I spend more effort & $$$ on this game. SG doesn’t care. There will be some other sucker to replace me and spend money. They’re laughing all the way to the bank!

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