Boomer holy defense not accurate

I have tried Kashrek against a red titan and heroes and he works as expected .

@Rook @Petri. Hey can i get either you two, to clear this up for us and others? Thanks


FWIW Kashrek mitigates kelile’s special damage, but not the damage over time. I faced this guy as tank plenty enough times to notice.

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Not necessarily, see below:

Boomer’s Special says “against holy”, so he does extra damage…

Panther’s Special does not:

I understand the difference in the stated special completely. My issue is with Boomer specifically . His +94% defense does not seem to be working as expected. When his special is up and a holy monster, hero or titan attacks the damage done to boomer and allies near him is more than it should be. When you compare how Kashrek special defense against fire reduces damage from red monsters, hero’s and titans. There is a big difference. Boomer takes more damage than compared to Kashrek in the same respective situation . Taking into account titan level and hero level etc also… boomers special seems to be miscalculated in the algorithm applied with his special.

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Rook, what you said makes no sense.

Boomer adds a defensive buff, Panther gives a defensive nerf to the other team.

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Did you send a ticket regarding this ingame and if so did you get an answer yet?

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I’ve just asked the Mixed nuts to keep an eye on the forum, but if nobody else has jumped on this thread I’m wondering if it’s resolved now?

I was referring to the “+Def against Holy” vs the “+Def against Dark”. Pure color only.

I apologize for the confusion!

Special attacks are definitely elemental. This is why a Panther / Sartana combo is so deadly. Panther makes Sartana’s special hit super hard. I’m not sure who started the claim that specials arent elemental but it definitely matters what color is doing the attack.

For the other part I personally haven’t used Boomer in a long time. He collects dust on my bench but I’ll try and play with him a little tomorrow.

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I tested the theory Boomer special defense not accurate. Province 10-6. First pic is enemy special without defense. Second pic enemy special with defense. Focus attention on Tibs and Sartana. Tibs defense is 585. Sartanas defense is 588. Both hero’s had 1* lvl 1 troops giving +4% defense.

Looks like it‘s working doesn‘t it?

It depends.
Defs against elemental will recognise the color that attacks them (eg kashhrek def against fire will recognise fire attacker on them and will add def buff, but also falcon with 'lower def against the fire)

However, ordinary special attack is not colour dependent so if your Li attacks yellow or blue or purple opponent without def buff/debuff, only thing that matters is their def stat, not their colour, eg purple won’t get double the damage nor yellow will get half the damage.

I don’t know where you saw otherwise, but formula in this topic works. I’ve tested it as well :slight_smile:

Can you please clarify what is elemental with heroes, monsters and titans? Attack vs Special? This thread started out with reference to boomer and his Holy defense but there are mixed responses to what is considered elemental. This makes testing and expectation difficult to establish… thanks so much for the help …

This thread explains in general terms when elemental types matter with regard to damage calculations. For Boomer’s special specifically, Holy defense increases by 94% (just shy of double), so you would expect to see damage from Holy sources reduced by about half. This damage reduction applies to:

  • Yellow tile damage
  • Attacks from minions protecting Holy heroes.
  • Normal attacks from AI-controlled Holy enemies/heroes/titans (even though these attacks are non-elemental)
  • Special attack damage from both player-controlled and AI-controlled Holy enemies/heroes/titans (even though these attacks are non-elemental)

Lexinen just gave a better answer than I would have :slight_smile:

Ok so… that thread confirms that Boomer is broken?

Because he doesn’t reduce Holy Titan attacks

Boomer is working. If you think he’s going to reduce a 1000 damage titan hit to 60 damage, you don’t know what’s happening. I’ll explain… 94% increased defense vs holy does not mean 94% less damage taken. It’s mean that vs Holy attacks, your heroes have 94% increased defense. So if your hero has 500 defense, they have 970 defense vs holy, which may reduce damage by 35-40%. So a 1000 damage hit from a holy titan turns into around 650.


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