Boomer holy defense not accurate

I have been using Boomer a lot more against yellow titans and have recently noticed that his special is not accurate. His holy defense should give +92% against Holy however when the titan strikes or uses its special there is only a slight difference between point deduction for Boomer and nearby allies VS other Allies that take a hit. An example would be a special by the yellow titan would result in a -430 health deduction from Sabina when the same hit against boomer does -320 health. I know other factors calculate but for the health loss should have been a lot less with +92% against Holy. Ive watched him in raids also and his Holy defense doesnt ever seem to provide a benefit against a yellow hero.

Specials are not elemental. So a specialattack from yellow titan is not yellow attack. At least that‘s something I‘ve read on the forum

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Boomer has been such a disappointment, I have wasted tons of ham and fed him dozens of heroes to ascend him only to realise neither his defense nor his attack are worthy of a 4* hero. Pls fix him!

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Specials are elemental if they say they are… boomer says extra defense against Holy so a Holy attack should do less damage per the special. Domitia has a similar special but I don’t have her to test with…

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Ye bro. But the special of yellow titan is not elemental and thus is not reduced by boomers defense.

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Yes it is… every titan and hero represents an element on the chart and yellow is holy … defenses and extra damage called out in specials applies using this principal. None are exempt and bypass the elemental chart … also I’ve confirmed the bonus defense applies to any damage not just the special of the hero or titan .

ok then I was maybe wrong informed🤷‍♂️ So a special attack of a red hero counts as red elemental attack and is reduced by Kashrek for example?

Ok yes the specials are elemental idk what you read or where you read it but talk to anyone from small giant and they will tell you the same thing.

Too much untrue info that gets posted here thats why i only trust info from small giant.

Yes that is exactly correct… and kashrut is a perfect example … boomers special should behave the same way …but against a red titan …

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Did you try Kashrek against red titan? Maybe it‘s a general problem and not only boomer is affected

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I have tried Kashrek against a red titan and heroes and he works as expected .

@Rook @Petri. Hey can i get either you two, to clear this up for us and others? Thanks


FWIW Kashrek mitigates kelile’s special damage, but not the damage over time. I faced this guy as tank plenty enough times to notice.

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Not necessarily, see below:

Boomer’s Special says “against holy”, so he does extra damage…

Panther’s Special does not:

I understand the difference in the stated special completely. My issue is with Boomer specifically . His +94% defense does not seem to be working as expected. When his special is up and a holy monster, hero or titan attacks the damage done to boomer and allies near him is more than it should be. When you compare how Kashrek special defense against fire reduces damage from red monsters, hero’s and titans. There is a big difference. Boomer takes more damage than compared to Kashrek in the same respective situation . Taking into account titan level and hero level etc also… boomers special seems to be miscalculated in the algorithm applied with his special.

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Rook, what you said makes no sense.

Boomer adds a defensive buff, Panther gives a defensive nerf to the other team.

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Did you send a ticket regarding this ingame and if so did you get an answer yet?

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I’ve just asked the Mixed nuts to keep an eye on the forum, but if nobody else has jumped on this thread I’m wondering if it’s resolved now?

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