👺 Boom & Fang - 5* Nature / Green from Goblin Village

I just wished I got a MM goblin so I could combo with norns. I even bother to try for c norns last Valhalla for the updated stats. But alas, only got C Odin instead

I wish I can see you Leafwhisk then. Cos he’s not getting levelled either.

Nah, I prefer B&F. He has more offensive capabilities

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All these talks about him tempt me to level him. I got 2 B&F and working on Prince now. So, no tonics for the boar for a long time. But I do run into the boar in wing and end losing to him because there is an invisible snipper hitting me every turn and I am scratching my head how did I lose those 3 cards in 4 turns. The problem I have with this card is I end comparing it to Smarttongue and he is not right up there. Every other goblin except Leaf has something incredible to their primary skill. But maybe once Prince is setup i will give some love to this boar.

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Prince is better, B&F is a hero that focuses on being the last survivor. You also need some minion support heroes as well like I mention norns to make him work better. He has a simple moveset that’s for sure, but that makes him a lot more classier.
Only thing that imo sucked for him is that he got changed to cleric from fighter. Fighter has pure health and attack which compliments his MM better

I was actually excited for him when he was a fighter. Got bummed when i saw him come out as Cleric. Fighter would have made him even hard. Imagine having 1 HP and a big fat mininon with 2K HP. Hilarious.


This pretty much sums it up. B&F isn’t a bad hero. If you are a newer player and don’t have any other 5* greens, I think he is fine to level. If you are an older player and have your priority needs met, I’m sure he could be a fun addition to play around with. For everyone else, he’s gonna take a backseat while you level heroes that address priorities first.

*I have a question though, as I mentioned I’m still fairly new and have seen some balance updates, buffs, nerfs. Do they ever add skills when they buff a hero? The updates I have seen have just increased or decreased stats/skills the hero already has (like adding attack points, or decreasing amount of ailment turns) Other than changes from Beta, have they ever buffed a hero and added a new skill? I was curious if something like that has ever happened (i.e. if there is any chance for hope lol)

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Yes. Very rarely though.

Was it red hood who got a new SS damage ? Or was it both Red Hood and Margaret ? But this buff was made maybe a year ago aeons after their release when their utility is all but “dead” to mature players with a deep enough roster.

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I see. Well that’s not what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate the insight! I’m starting to build up a nice little collection of heroes I’m not gonna level anytime soon and not gonna feed away to SE. Just hang around and force me to buy more roster space :joy:

They do add it, but it’s very rare. The only hero I can think of right now is them adding a 10% heal to noor

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Forgot about Noor. It’s so far and few in between, and applied to heroes that are lower in current utility, that it’s not memorable.

Welcome to the Buy Roster Space Club. Me at 950 now. Started feeding away 3/4 that I will never level.

Funnily enough, Noor is one of the few heroes that can actually counter B&F quite effectively

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Thought those MM cannot be removed. Destruction requires 2 hits from a minion remover.

(I rummaged and found my copy of Noor)

Yeah, so two small sparrow pecks is enough to take down the mighty pig

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Thats 1000hp per peck


20 characters of disbelief for what they charge for roster space!

Yeah. I am almost at the “horrifying” stage. Almost

Noor - Heal
Inari - Damage to all enemies

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In July 2023 balance update they added a minion summon for a Carol.

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