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This just crossed my mind.

@Boolz_San_CK You’re probably in a good alliance with some of the players spending at least somewhat. As a fellow full f2p player, I have to ask.

How do you deal with the guilt for not buying alliance-wide gems during holiday sharing offers?
I end up among like 3 people who don’t and it makes me feel like :poop:

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who you are is a strength and never a weakness

and this goes for RL too.

_ In my past, because of 300+30 shared gems deals valentine-like,
i got a “f**k you” once, but I always said thank you, didn’t go against my beliefs (was true to myself) and said sorry for not being able to do what they did indirectly.
_ But there are a lot of people who are the opposite of the example given above, who stood, stand and/or will stand by me - game related - forever; they accepted me as who I am and how I decided to play the game. Here I can mention, from my recent past @Purpeyes, @Palms and there are many more that I can’t tag here or because of my short memory forget to; appologies. :heart:

I like to think that I am a respected player (and due to this a respected person too) by the majority of the ones that I intersected my game-path with. :blush:

So there’s no guilt here; only fullfillnessl be true to and dont have doubts about yourself. :slight_smile:

I am now the leader of another 10 players. And I know there are at least another 20 like the ones i mentioned above who would stand by me, if I wouldnt have asked them to do what’s best for themselves as a EP player.


You don’t need to feel that way. And, in my opinion anyone who would hold that against you has a problem and that problem isn’t yours. I wouldn’t want to be in an alliance with somebody with that attitude. Nobody owes anyone anything in this game when it comes to spending money. I myself have purchased those offers before because it was simply what I wanted to do. Not for any expectation of reciprocity or “repayment”.


No one is holding it against me, it’s just that everyone is being generous and I can’t help but feel guilty about not participating. Doesn’t help that I’m a co-leader. I guess I should think about the other ways I bring something good into my alliance, and learn to stop worrying.


Actually, being a co-leader, I assume you put more effort into your alliance than a regular member.


As someone who is currently in the happy position of having a little spare income to waste on a phone game, I buy the sharing offers because it’s a good excuse to buy some gems for myself, if anyone else buys it too I get extra, and it helps the lower level players to progress which is good news for the whole alliance. I really don’t judge people who don’t buy it, because I don’t know their finances or frankly much else about their lives. They may be freeloaders, they may be people of principle, or they may simply not have the disposable income at the moment (I’ve been there). I hope it doesn’t embarrass anyone.

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If they come with strings, including emotional ones, they ain’t gifts. In any event, I toss out generic "thank you"s and carefully don’t keep track of who did and who didn’t. Every gem is a lovely gift.


Hello Boolz_san, glad to see you back. Just two quick questions, if you may. What are your thougs about Bai Yeong? Does Richards worth the mats for a f2p? (I waited on Thorne and got Magni, now happily at +13 on my deffense. Not sure about Richards though.

hey @Otherpeter

Richard is better than thorne; thorne does nothing
If you choose to max a bad S1 hero, make sure he does something with his speccial.

Richard is ok, can help up; i would swap my kirilC with him, keeping 2nd kiril.
Im low on blue 5*, I have 22 scopes, but thorne 1/1 will stay there and look at the stars, hopeless.


  • He is an attack hero
  • can be used on someone game-ending like Alfrike, as last option.
  • OK for titans
  • ranger emblems, there are other better options for that

all in all, i would max him for my mono holy raid team; and i would, for sure, use him in war attack


Ty. So he is usable. I was thinking he was going to pile up with Grimble and Noor, but now I have hopes on him. But Neith is still better, no?. So given my yellows Drake +13, Joon 4/80 next would be Neith and then Bai, Vivica, Roc? (Asuming no better options by then, I got 0 green 5☆ but new yellows keep piling, even unique ones…)

since you have drake,
i might go with bai before neith

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Oh, so it is that good. The bad reviews made me feel confused.

better than neith for offense, but weaker in defense; and since you already have drake in defense…

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after titan pass, next one will be 1 star lower or 2 star lower or same star
is there anything that alliance can do (less hits)? to make more probability that next titan after escaped will have less star ?

if we want to kill only 12* is there a way to have longer strike of 12* before 13* (killing 12* slower, in last hour or sth else?)


i dont really think it matters on an escaped

i sometimes saw that going below the 10 hours left helps.
but you have to know that at a certain kill-streak the titan hp has a spike-up; and that was a prediction calculation almost 2 years ago, but we gave up on that since it was a futile effort; there are some topics burried ‘here’

Hi bro , please help me

hey @Nitha

go with costume and attack
best choice for titans (which are the biggest source of 4* ams)

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Thanks bro and for wizard and rogue emblems both hv same attack path know ?

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