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mine is on the defense path
so, if i get her costume (:crossed_fingers:) i’ll reset her

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Hello @Boolz_San_CK! Do you track gem rewards from titan loot? In my experience, it is usually 3 or 5 gems from full titan loot.

Have you gotten 10 gems rewards from titan loot recently? I don’t remember the last time I got it. :sweat_smile:

Need all the gems I can get from playing!

hey @SamMe

funny you asked that:

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@Boolz_San_CK Nice gems! :joy: Best part of your titan loot. :yum:

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Sorry to Hijak Boolz’s thread but some approximate odds on Gem appearances from Titan Loot:

Note: Sample size for tiers XVI and above are pretty small so more follow the general trend rather than the specific numbers shown.

Source: Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?"


Good to know! Thanks for the info @Guvnor! :+1:

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Ok, so from my understanding, the gems reward from loot tiers 16 and 17 is better than from 18, because you have the chance of getting 10 gems, instead of being nailed at 5 gems… Or do i miss something here?

You missed the note. Right under the screenshot


I finally have another A+ ham + iron, but topic auto closed since last month. :sweat_smile:

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war defense:

  • very fast : alfrike
  • all : ursena


  • ursena

raid and war attack:

  • sartana
  • hel
  • ursena
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@ABadSeed probably who to max next

first, a mono war defense is a very bad idea; skipping that,

  • vfast war: i would choose kunchen > kunchen - panther - aeron - freya - kilhare

  • other war: probably still kunchen, even if rigardC gets so much love, he is still a 4* in a 5*s battle…


for titan:

  • margaret
  • rata

for attack:

  • liannaC
  • zocc

for very fast:

  • atomos


Lady Locke 100%

@ZokiCro try this:

poseidon - tell - garnet - vela - lianna

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@Aljadaqui with your current roster i would try this:

kingston - tyr - krampus - mits - liannaC

Thanks I will try that :slight_smile:

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Thank you!! I will try that.

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for normal raid defense i would try this:
joon - frigg - krampus - sartana - baiY


for defense, in this order:

  • grazul
  • vanda
  • marjana

for attack,… :

  • grazul
  • lady l
  • vanda

for titan:

  • vanda
  • lady loki

my recommendation is, based on how much you will use the hero:

  • vanda
  • and if not, grazul


i would go like this:

  • before: lianna(normal) - jf - vela - sartanaC - joonC
  • after marj: lianna(normal) - marj - vela - sartanaC - joonC
  • after krampus: lianna(normal) - marj - krampus - sartanaC - joonC

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