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I’m still unsure about Hunters lodge so haven’t researched anything other than harpoons. Which would you recommend to save me wasting lots of food?


That is where I was thinking too.

I have Ariel (one of my very few non S1 5*) for one flank, which kind of negates Richard. I’d rather have her than him on D for sure. Lots of snipers for wing (Lianna, Sart, Marj, even Gregorion). I’m working on maxing Justice. The other flank is a bit problematic.

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Hers is one @Boolz_San_CK that has been hurting my head.

With a red stack of Boldtusk - G. Falcon - Mitsuko - Queen of Hearts - Wilbur, all fully charged, what on earth order do you fire them in?



This is precisely what I’m trying to find out!


It depends! You’ll almost always fire Boldtusk first (there are exceptions where you might not - Wonderland hero debuffs that refresh with healing and Morlovia heroes that steal healing).

The rest depends on the health of your targets. If you want to distribute damage evenly, then you go Wilbur, Falcon, and either Mitsuko or QoH fourth and fifth. It’s important to hit the same three targets with all of your hit three attacks to maximize damage.

There are certain situations where you may want to take out particular heroes who might survive if damage were shared but would be knocked out if targeted directly. It’s a smaller chance, but it’s possible since you don’t have any burn damage to finish off stragglers. In that case, you may want to leave Wilbur for last. And focus on the three you want to take out as highest priorities, firing Falcon and then the two ladies.

Also, you may want to fire Mitsuko after QoH as a general rule so that you can target her mana cut where it’s most needed in case you can’t finish off a hero with the damage.

P.S. I apologize in advance to @Boolz_San_CK if you’re not looking for anyone else to answer questions in this thread. It is your thread after all.


@princess1 thx :slight_smile:

it is my intention that after more “material is gathered” will try and pinpoint some post in the first post

raid offense it matters… AI ussualy targets healers.weakest def first; so putting them in corners will make and drake/gm hit only 2; or jabber will hit the corners, so it deffinitelly matters

i like to go 32, with 2 heals - 1 from the same color - that are at least 3 positions appart

this depends on every player
im a ranvir type (no miki/tarlak) so i need to use wilbur… so for me is wilbur first
but if you go with mana potion+nado combo you would go red banner first and after fire your def down
there are more tactics; i ussualy go for wilbur with bad board; pr wilbur, ranvir, red banner, arrow for a good board


@Sarah2 thx :slight_smile:

well best item is wilbur :))

if we dont take in consideration timestops, tornados (good for rare titans),

imo, you must have:
with dark/holy - axes/bombs, green banner (or mana for wilbur), antidotes, arrows can help
for red - antidotes
for green - red banner
gor blue - green banner (or mana for wilbur)

and i go for tile damage, than kiril, ares buffs



this is an uncharted teritory for me; i dont see the use of the hunters lodge items, sincerely;

but if i have too…:

- -
yes, for drops > Giant harpoon One enemy gets 750 damage and -20% attack for 6 turns. When used against Titans, they can drop Titan parts.
no; id use purple banner at half iron; > Titan banner All Heroes get +50% attack and +50% defense for 3 turns
i find these just for fun… aife and … 50k minimum lol > Titanium shield The target and nearby Heroes reflect status effects and 100% of the damage back to the attacker for 4 turns
no - Panacea All Heroes regain 500 HP, are cured of status ailments and gain +30% attack and +30% defense for 3 turns
yes - this i would get for when i wanna hide wilbur - with ranvir miss on him - on 5th turn > Invisibility potion The target is invisible to the enemy for 3 turns
yes - Valkyrie’s bane The target gets -35% defense and a further -5% decrease every turn over 5 turns
yes - Hunter’s caltrops The targets get 750 damage. Dispels buff from the target.
yes - Hurricane The target and nearby Heroes get 100% mana and the board is reshuffled
cant really say… Scroll of alteration 5 random shields are transformed to match the target’s element
not really - timestop would be enough > Time freeze All enemies lose 100% mana and have their nornal attack delayed and they can’t gain mana for 3 turns

overall i would probably go for this items if stronger titans appear or if there will be more difficult stages/events etc


@Steve9999 @princess1

for titans: 1.wilbur+bt (doesnt matter which first), 3.falcon, 4. qoh and mits (doesnt matter which one first)

for raid offense there are 2 scenarios:

  1. as @Benn said: if you wanna kill and alby/mn then: bt > falcon > mitz+qoh
  2. if not, target the 3 with the weakest defense: same as per titan

as a side note: i wouldnt take bt for titan, and i would surely get better tile damage than qoh or mits; like scarlett, lance… even colen…
i wouldnt take wilbur for raid atk… i would need at least 1 sniper…


@Benn @Boolz_San_CK

Thank-you both for your kind replies to myself and @princess1
Now I know why my head was hurting so much!
Actually, what I was doing was pretty much right, but @Benn made a great point about “afterburn”, so maybe Marjana should get subbed in for either Mitsy or QoH?

And great point about tile damage @Boolz_San_CK. Maybe I should give Scarlet a few more emblems after all!

Thanks all.


If you woke up tomorrow cursed to use ONLY maxed 5* costumed, heroes or ONLY maxed 5* Atlantis heroes, which crew are you riding with?

(Let’s say you get 5 of each card just for fun :upside_down_face:)


not many options: lianna - elena - richard - quintus - joon.

kage - mitsuko - misandra - ursena - poseidon


hi boolz!
i actually have Justice+13 (that i use no more as tank) and i’ve just maxed G.Falcon, that i plan to use during the events and on my red stack for war and raid (i’m around 2600cups and i play in an ally around 120th position, this to give you an idea about my level of game).

I can’t resist to reset justice and give a lot of emblems to Falcon. What you suggest about his path? Only shield+life or is it a good idea to give him some attack boost, for titan and events?


I am loving this thread! Keep up the good work as long as it keeps interesting to you!

I was a c2p in saders and admired your attention to this game’s mechanics. Now you are extending your knowledge to anyone interested and it is much needed imo.

I have just recently adopted a new tactic in titan hits, i am all for hitting the weak spot but all I can say is that it pays off only half the time.

What is your approach in titan hits?


On the purely defence path Falcon can get over 900 on defence.

In a red stack this makes him very durable.

In perspective - north only has 23 better defence at +17



about embleming,

i ussualy asses the hero:
magni: big atk, big hp, low def > normally i would go first atk, second hp
mother north: low atk, big def, big hp > normally i would go def first, second hp
why? cause i hate to see for magni - defX2 lower than 18def points; and same atkX2 lower than 15 for mother north

there are 2 cases:

  • when you use the hero in defense (war or raid): then its normal to go defense first and as second the as per the hero profile (magni > atk; mother north > hp)
  • if you use the hero in offense (raid, war, even titan):
    – hero is atk based: then i go atk first, second def
    – hero is defense based: then i go def first, atk second

so, in your case… falcon: def first, atk second



my approach is:

no luck in last guardians, no miki/tarlak;

wilbur + ranvir = so mana pots and arrows, red banner (antidote/more mana)
tricky is that wilbur special expires 1 turn before ranvirs… so the def down on turn 5 has a chance to miss (but def up, doesnt miss) - so there can be some wasted mana pots; its nice when you can align 3 non hitting hero color to stun

asses the board:

  • good
    – i have 3 non-strong to stun, red banner and stun (maybe some reds and holy will charge and less mana pots will be used) > after fire wilbur, red banner, fire ranvir, arrows (if center strong tiles (for critical) its a plus)
    – otherwise: fire wilbur, red banner, fire ranvir, arrows (if center strong tiles (for critical) its a plus)
  • bad
    – i have 3 to stun, red banner and stun; and re-asses board
    – i dont have 3 to stun, red banner and fire only wilbur; after re-asses board

99% of the time i hit ‘time’s up’

all the above is for red-green-blue-dark

for holys i go wilbur and 4 darks; and i gamble by replacing antidotes/arrows with bomb/axe
here it aint 99% :slight_smile:


Hi Boolz!

I have found your player guides very useful. I could use your advice on hero leveling.

  1. Dark - I got really lucky with dark heroes. Would you recommend doing Seshat or Kage? FWIW, I do have Mana troops
  2. Holy - Have Viv and Joon and I’m confused if I should do Justice for variety of do 2nd Joon?
  3. Fire - My fire roster bench is really weak and only has 4*. I can do Grazul or Santa but neither pack punch. Which one would you recommend? I’m also thinking of summoning in Avalon and hoping to get BK or JF, but might be wishful thinking.

Hunters Lodge:

  1. what items are worth to craft ?
  2. what items are not worth reserching?


this post should answer

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