"Bookmarking" on Revenge List

Just a minor thing, but often times if you click Revenge and a player is online, it scrolls all the way back to the top of the Revenge list, after the notification.

How many would prefer a bookmarking function that remembers the last Revenge you clicked and scroll back to that player on the list, on which you left off?

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I thought it was going to be a post about how you can keep an open revenge ‘bookmarked/saved’ in your tower so that it wouldn’t roll out after 20 more hits or so untill you revenged it. I’d be a fan of that.

Don’t really have the problem you have, but don’t see any harm in it - so if it makes people happy you have my support! :slight_smile:


I’d like the tower to only show the possible attacks/revenges. (Maybe grey out the others? Then I can quickly see who I can attack! Muahaha!)


In the 3 times I’ve ever used revenges (usually when I leave my silly defense up accidentally overnight, go go 60 cup wins to get back to my alliance’s mandated floor) I’ve run into this issue and it is an annoyance.

It’d be a nice quality of life adjustment for those that do use revenge for whatever reason.


I’ll bump this post instead of writing another.

The raid overview in Watchtower can get a bit long, and I find it really annoying to have the list reset to the top each time you hit the revenge button, then having to scroll down again and try to remember where in the list you were…

I also like Rook’s suggestion of maybe greying out raids you cannot revenge.

(Searched for a while to find if somebody else found this annoying enough to write a post. Maybe the title could be refined.)


Yeah, now that I am using the Revenge feature more often I absolutely hate the reset to beginning feature; really should be where I left off rather than having me scroll again and again. Incidentally this is identical to the Alliance Search implementation which leaves something to be desired too.

Not a good UX design choice and it would be a large quality of life win if addressed.


I second that! And some!

LOL! Did this actually get fixed with last update?! :smiley:

Also, I think it is really weird (and annoying) that if you revenge and loose and you press rematch and then win you aren’t in your tower anymore, but in the raid screen.
I second the other thing also, very annoying that it defaults to the top.



This appears to have been implemented and works brilliantly in 1.10.4 (or maybe 1.10.3 which I skipped); massive quality of life upgrade, already readily apparent, thank you again SG!


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