Bonuses of war unfair

for the administrators the bonuses of the war are not fair as it is possible that they attack me and my team gives them an average of 200 points and I attack ah one with the same level of power and only 90 points is not fair for me I have and I am leader of 4 alliances (OREGON,TITAN PDX,NACION Z and SATURNO) me and all my members are angry and dissatisfied

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You give more points because your alliance had less and/or weaker defence teams.
Point value of the whole alliance is always the same. The points are just distriputed among def teams based on hp.


the rules say another thing that the stronger the hero the more points you take and that is not happening a team of 3600+ power and the attacker of 3900+ the recive more than 200 points and I ah 90 is not fair to me

What he meant was, you have less people on your team than your opponent.

No i have 30 and they were 25 with more power all

their teams are more powerful than ours and that was 25 and we 30 with a lil less power

then I would suggest you contact support, maybe there was a bug in the matchmaking. Because your teams shouldn’t be giving more points than theirs…

How much power did your other alliance mates have? Because if you have considerably more power than them then you give many points. And yes, powerfull teams give more points, when compared to other defense teams from that alliance. Apparently your opponent attacked most powerful member of your alliance (you)->so they get much points. But ypu didn’t attack the most powerfull team of their alliance->you do not get that much points.

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Stronger heros give more points. It has nothing to do with who you attak with. The points for each team are listed before you attacks you can see who is worth what.

Each alliance is worth 2000 points. The points are divided by members in war and weighted by defense team strength.


But if the opponent have less members and stronger teams, their teams should be worth more points? At least, that is what I understood - that this wasn’t the case.

It is the case. 1 member could have all 5* or 1* and their team will be 2k.
This past war pur opponent tried to cheat by eating their defenses and one player left a normal defense. Our hitters got 700 to 800 points for killing him until they kicked hom from the alliance. The remaoning defenses gave 80 points (1* hero) but were upwards of 266 points at the end as theybkept eating defenses


I guess I am not communicating well. I understand how the points are distributed. And how they are won. We also had a strong opponent with less members than ours in the last war. We scored higher points for taking down a team of theirs, because they had less members. Our opponent got less for taking down one of our teams, because the points are divided among more members. I understood the OP had a similar situation, but the other team was getting more points for taking down a team…

If he is the only one with a good defence team and the other are just muuuch more weak, then even if he have 29 mates his team can worth even more then 200 points.

Many stronger and the points are well distributed among the players, few strong and many weak and the points are all gather in that few players.

So a weaker opponent team can be much more rewarded then a stronger of the other side.

2000 equally distributed on 25 - 2000/25= 80 every player

2000 bad distributed on 30 - 1 get 200 points - 1800/29= 62 for all the others.

If you have or not have better heroes, all the alliance are worth 2000 points the same.
Ideally a good alliance has no much stronger players and no much weaker, but all in the same range of points so the other side can’t take advantage.

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One team of 3600 of power can’t take only 90 points for attack a team of 3900 oh power that not fair but the team of 3900 of power attack to 3600 team and he recive 200 points!!!

Because it is relative to the other defenses. 3900 power team can be worth anywhere from 67 points to 2k. It all depends what the other defenders have. Your 3900 team won’t necessarily have the same value as your opponents 3900 team.
You can preview the points before attacking

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These points are NOT the same for each individual player, though the total if you add it up will be for the entire alliance.

The game analyzes the defense of every team member and weights their score accordingly.

If you are the only person fielding a decent defense, you will be worth a LOT of score, compared to your teammates.

If your opponent’s team’s defense is evenly distributed, their score will be also distributed, more or less

Do we need a visual?

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Oh, oh! Can we get a visual? Please? Pretty please.

Alas, I could only find this:

Click INFO. :grin:

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I am disappoint.
Characters, 20 of them

From Gryphonknight. A much more helpful pic:

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