Bonus War points not being given

In our war, neither team is receiving the bonus points when defeating a team. We are Elite Titan Destroyers.

Can you show the attack log showing the kill of those two enemies?

If the bonus points were awarded the scores for killing them should be 62 and 60 respectively

Bonus points don’t ever go in as separate entries in the log, they are simply added to the “available points” of whoever killed that team.

The Bonus Points are equal to 1/2 of the total “available” points when the team is at full HP.

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We just checked two attacks on by an alliance mate. Their victory should have been worth 50 points with the bonus. We received all 50 points for the victory. Even though the bonus points still seem to be available.
So it seems to be a glitch in the display of the info for the players after they have been defeated.

Bonus points have always been displayed this way.
This number always stays the same - It doesn’t drop depending on their team health or whether they are alive/dead.

Rest assured, the bonus points were received.


Thank you for your help in understanding this. No more comments are needed.

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