Bonus points for War

We’re finishing up the weekend war and wiped the other team about two hours ago, but the bonus points have not been awarded. Is this a known issue or have the bonus points been removed?

Sorry but a bonus for wiping out the other team never existed.


Seriously?!! I’ve been lied to.

Maybe a misunderstanding.
The only “bonus” is that the opponents respawn and you can continue attacking without waiting.


No. He definitely said there was a 100 point bonus. But, it’s all good. Thanks for the clarification.


Nope, no 100 points bonus. Whoever said it was either joking or had no idea what they were talking about. But there is a lot of value to reset. It brings the lesser teams back online without being forced to wait for them for hours to respawn. So, reset is highly recommended in war, especially if accomplished at the right moment.


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