Bonus points for defeating an entire enemy war teams

I know you get bonus points for defeating all hero’s in one team, I’m suggesting getting bonus points for wiping out every enemy teams. We had a few times that my alliance managed to clear out all of the enemy war teams and got nothing to show for it. A little bonus points for this would be rewarding, it would also make teams try and defeat every teams.

@Aalexx4519 You aren’t alone in thinking this, I’ve seen others suggest it in discussion, and there’s an existing similar post in #ideas-feature-requests that @littleKAF wrote up back in August:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)

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Thanks for the info Zephyr1, I appreciate the help. I totally agree with you.



Thank you for participating in the forums.

This has already been discussed extensively but it is hard to find especially since many players use different terminology.


This is a duplicate post. Please continue the conversation on one of the two offered links. :slight_smile:

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