Bonus offer for VIPs

Why not give bonus gifts or better deals for VIPs at events?

Speaking about VIPs, there could also be a red, blue and yellow dragon.

The content of the current VIPs would be the same + they would add 1x 3* and 1x 4* ascension item :wink:

Green dragon could contain 1x sturdy shield + 1x tonic which you could get just before the expiration date.
Red --> 1x hidden blade + 1x mysterious rings
Yellow --> 1x orb of magic + 1x darts
Blue --> 1x warm cape + 1x telescope
Purple --> 1x trap tools + 1x royal tabard

They would kinda replace the loot which used to be in the elemental chests. I remember getting these particular ascension item couples together according to the above mentioned colours. Now the loot is different.

Well, does anybody like this idea? :))

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I like your idea. I would also add that when you buy the VIP pack you get a choice of any of the ascension items. Such as 1 Royal tabard or 2 of the 4* ascension items. Like a compass and a set of gloves. Or 2 compasses. Another suggestion would be that after buying the VIP package you double or triple your chances of getting 4* AND 5* ascension items for say…half the month in all reward chests and maybe all the final stages of rare or special quests.

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