Bonus item for Alliance Stars (War MVPs and A+ Titan Hitters)

We defeated a 14-star titan today. Many of us struggled against it, but our top member hit it for nearly 500k. All she got for it was a pair of gloves. I’ve previously seen someone hit once for less than 10k and get 2 4-star mats and a tome of experience.

I know everything is RNG, but I’m sure it was really frustrating and discouraging for her. If I had gotten a 4-star mat or tome (I got a shield), I would feel super guilty and would have wanted her to have it.

So I propose a bonus item prize for getting an A+ on titans and being the top scorer on wars. It would create some friendly competition within alliances, incentivize effort in wars and titans, and avoid these really inequitable, discouraging situations.

What do you think? And you think Zygna would do this?

I understand the frustration. However, you put a premium on getting A + and titans will be dropping lot quicker with greedy players trying to get that coveted A+ ranking. I think it’s pretty fair the way it is


I know lots of alliances have rules to ensure everyone gets a chance to hit. I think these rules could prevent such behavior.

My experience with alliances have also been really positive so I think most people would only be competitive and friendly/considerate about trying for the top scores. I also think, within an alliance, if someone were doing that, others would quickly call them out and they would stop.

Maybe I’m too optimistic…?

Also it doesn’t have to be something crazy valuable, maybe another 3-star mat or some emblems.

My understanding is that A+ already get a bonus, their rolls are done on a higher loot tier than everyone else, even the A players. I think that is fair. If the roll is unlucky - it is unlucky.

As far as war MVP, I think anything that distorts teamwork is a bad idea.

On a 14* titan their is no real difference in loot probabilities between A+ and C.
And rhat is very well, because all of the top 150-250 alliances have to limit their players on the damage they sre allowed to inflict, so everyone has a chance to get at least to C- or B-Score.

Happy gaming