Bônus honor of the month

I come here once again to registar my indignation at the criteria of the hero’s prize of the month, because i have never received any since i played E&P, ui already bought gems, pomotions and i do not receive anything, now that i stopped investing money here nor epic sheet i get more they’re punishing me for not being dumb. The spoils i get have been ridículos for what i do in titans and wars. I also say that the game has a great lack of respect with is Brazilians who love the game, i can clearly see in the wars my attacks and my allied being brutally disadvantaged, respect uso because we are admirers of the game, i decided not to invest money or even indicate the game to friends while they continue disrespect us Brazilians.
I would have a lot to talk about ct 20 that never comes legendary but i leave to the next.
Moor3, Mutante Academy.

ive played over 2 years with main and alt account … ive only ever had one hero of the month

get over it , it happens …


I think this is a bit presumptuous to accuse SG of picking on players from one country. We actually have a player in our alliance that lives in Brazil. His war hits, Titan hits and loot are all in-line with the rest of us that’s aren’t from Brazil.

If your war and Titan hits are not up to what you expect, perhaps your war/Titan strategy could use some adjusting. There are many helpful threads on this forum that can help.

As for the hotm… I can’t help you there as I don’t control the RNG :roll_eyes:


I’m Brazilian and I’ve never felt disrespected…


If you’re satisfied…well, i’m not. The topic is to help dedicated players who have already spent money and no return. If you analyze well you will see that the coins of the Atlântida tha are free do not give you anything good in the Summons, i have already spent dozens of these coins and only won a very bad horse.

I’ve been playing a while. I think I have a pretty decent deck. I only have two HOTM. I do have some seasonal, but only gravemaker and onatel for HOTM.

Hi there! Please be aware that the official language of the Forum is English. If you wish to write in other languages, i am happy to move your thread to the Foreign Languages section.

In answer to your last question, Tabards are available roughly every 70 days from Rare Quest: Morlovia in addition to any other Tabards available for sale or for win in-game.

Also, you may want to read the thread on Gacha type games. Click the blue title below to read more: :slight_smile:


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