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Well that sucks. I’m new to the game and I threw away alot of good hero’s trying to build up the 5 star ones and I was always getting the bonus draws after 10 now I was trying to fix my mistake but spent alot of money doing so and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t get one.

Well i would have helped you avoid that if we met sooner. The game does explain hero of the month bonus draws in game, but relatively small print.

Pamela, we can help you grow! Lots of experienced players. Come join us in Alien Asylum!! Tell them momma sent you!! Hope you check us out:))

I’m so bad at reading instructions… Worse than most men…lol I’ve been trying to figure out this discussion board to learn some tricks of the trade but somewhere along the line I get lost…frustrated and back to making epic mistakes

We have the Line app to communicate outside of the game as well, as using the game chat feature.

As well dumb phone. Blind fingers I guess lol

Sounds like momma can help you learn some stuff, hope things get better pamela

Pamela, regardless of whether you join us or another alliance, being part of one is kindof important as a new player. The ascension materials you will need to level up your team are obtained by titan fights and alliance wars, unless you want to spend $$.

I also suggest checking out Mai’s guide!! Lots of great info in that post

Troll Akademi.

One on one training for beginners.

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No I think I’ve spent enough money for the year. I did however join an alliance. Nice but not very helpful and not all that active but a few. Can you switch alliances?

Yes no player is tied down to one alliance

If you yake some time and after joining an alliance you look at their chat you get a feel for all types of activity.

You can join and leave as often as you like.

Shop carefully.

Troll Akademi

What is troll academy or where can I find it? I can’t even figure out this darn discussion board… I’m all over the place here

Go to your in game base. The alliance button at the bottom is what you hit. Then you type “troll akademi” in search.

If you do not see alliance button the button bottom far right is a toggle.

Thank you all very much I will spend the next few days following your advice and hopefully learn a thing or two. Don’t get me wrong it’s been great a little too addictive lots of fun but I feel like I’ve moved up the ranks with no training and I’m kinda at a stand still not knowing which way to turn

Pamela, if you change your mind, we are always here to help also:) good luck! Momma (Alien Asylum)

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Your first on my list… Thank you

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