Bonus Atlantis coins not awarded from sea horses

I’ve killed 4 sea horses through 2 levels and was not awarded the bonus Atlantis coins either time. I only received the Atlantis coins for beating the level. I was on hard mode 10-6 and 10-7.

First, are you sure they were the Orichalcum Sea horses? Regular sea horses don’t drop Atlantis coins.

Second, the Atlantis coins for completing the level appear in a different place in the loot window than the Atlantis coins for completing a level. If you’re sure they were Orichalcum Sea horses, can you take a look in your Recent Activity log on the in-game Support menu, to see how many coins you got awarded?


They were the golden sea horses that aren’t normally in the game. I was awarded only 5 Atlantis coins for level completion. I double checked in my recent activity and confirmed.

Season 2, 10-7 doesn’t even have any sea horses so I can’t be mistaken. I definitely killed 1 seahorse from that level and was only awarded 5 coins for level completion. As for 10-6, it is possible that I was mistaken for the wrong sea horse. I hope this helps.

I always take a screenshot of the seadragon when I see one - to share with others who haven’t seen one.

I only noticed today, that when you kill one, you can see a bunch of atlantis coins getting added to your loot (top left hand corner). Did you notice this too?

Witam, też nie dostaje bonusowych monet Atlantydy, za poziom trudny otrzymuje tylko 5 Monet

Translation, by mod, from Google Translate:

Hello, he also does not get Atlantis bonus coins, he only gets 5 Coins for the hard level

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Co się dzieje z moimi bonusowymi monetami Atlantydy, za poziom trudny otrzymuje tylko 5

Since it sounds like you’re confident you didn’t get the correct loot, then your best bet is to contact customer support and open a support ticket. They’ll be able to go through the logs and help you.

Here’s how:

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I had same issue, in one of the hard levels in map22, there were few, was counting on getting extra coins… but nothing

see post above yours for instructions on sending a ticket to SG. :slight_smile:

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It has to be the one in the middle. Not on the right.

Beating 3 of that rare creature in a single mission will give you nine atlantis coins.

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