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Okay, I have search the forum and most Bonus chests seem to relate/refer to the chest you get when you have completed 10 summons in Atlantis, but I just got a chest and we are nowhere near Atlantis.

Could it be an unclaimed Atlantis chest somehow? I don’t think I did any substantial pulls during the last AR since i was saving for Avalon. Is there just a random Bonus chest that pops up?

ETA: I did have a look at this post which mostly refers to the items that are found in the chests.

Costume chamber had one too :slight_smile:


Grats on your D-Blade tho haha


Ok, so perhaps an unclaimed bonus from Costume summons.

Maybe, not sure but it is a possibility

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Thanks Guvnor! And thanks for the congrats :stuck_out_tongue: never complain about a free Damascus blade. Mine have started to run low.

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Really sounds like it the costume chest as I have never seen the Atlantis chest appear other than with the Atlantis summons.

Nice chest though.

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If i had a buck for every time i heard that…

Here is your FIRST one " BUCK", lol…

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:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I will have to wait until next Masquerade to see if my bonus chest is active or not to confirm whether that is what it was.

It’s easy to see, do another costume summons and your chest should start to fill up again.

I just received a random bonus ascension chest. It was immediately after opening a hero wanted mission chest. I see you also gained yours immediately after opening a chest.

Let us consider ourselves fortunate, because obviously this is a legendary occurrence.

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I just got one of these and I was doing nothing special at all, just picking up my free daily summons. Take note of my ‘rare’ TC20 results too…:slightly_smiling_face:

Good job! You opened the chest at the right time when RNG was in your favor! I have been saying the same thing in the other ascension discussion.

Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

You have a chance to get materials from all kinds of sources,

Mystic Vision
Monster chest
Raid chest
Titan chest
War chest
Titan rewards
War rewards
Quests, challenges, tournaments, seasonal, etc

You just have to do them all!

Well done! Good luck! :wink:


Valhalla, Atlantis and Costume summons each have different chest that counts to ten before you open it


I realise this and it’s been a long time since I complained about ascension mats (apart from the staggeringly rare compasses for me).

This was a different event. I clicked on the summons gate and my bonus chest loot appeared. I don’t need shields but I was pretty happy. :grinning:


You did a lot of summoning during the event! Haha haha! :wink:


I hate English sometimes. By “event” I mean something that happened. Actual game “Events”? Last one, 4 summons all yielding worthless duplicate threes (they could hardly be anything other than worthless duplicates after 20 months of play).


I just got a bonus chest this morning! I collected the wanted chest then clicked on the summons gate and got the pop up for the bonus! Thank you now if I could get a five star healer or two that would be appreciated! Good luck every one this year it could get a bit bumpy :grinning: :us:image|231x500

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You will always get a bonus chest after doing 10 summons in wallhalla, atlantis or costume chamber.

And if you don’t collect it manually you will get it the next time you open the summon gate after the event summon gate closed.

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