Bonus Ascension Items For Challenge Pulls

I’d love to see the bonus Ascension items available for challenge events, IE Pirates, Riddles etc etc, While I know this game is a business I think this really would give players more for their money like Atlantis and Valhalla especially during the Covid period. That would be a nice small change and would probably allow players to be more strategic on when they pull. I always think why go for a challenge hero 10 pull when I might get some rings with a 10 Atlantis even though I want some of the pirate hero’s. Thoughts?

Presumably if they implemented this, the Summon cost for Challenge Events would also increase to match the Costume Chamber, Atlantis, and Valhalla, which all have a Bonus Chest and higher prices than Challenge Events.

Would you support increasing the Challenge Event Summon costs to add this?


I would because it’s really not a ton more and I think players are desperate for ascension items…imo

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