Bonus ascension chestd

Ok I just received 3 “bonus ascension items” chests. Definitely not complaining , just curious on how/why and what to do to get more/keep getting

@Hawkeye They are randomly. You can’t do anything to get them regularly according to my information

Were they from your Atlantis summons?

No , this is the second time I’ve received these.

Can you post a screenshot?

Sorry too late, I didn’t take one at the time

Ok. Did it just pop up when you logged in?

Yes, 3 of them showed up one after another

How many items in each?

Perhaps they were Atlantis chests that you didn’t open after your summons? Maybe they automatically open when the summons gate closes.


That’s what I’m thinking

Did you do 30 Atlantis pulls?

Aha yes , I can’t believe I forgot to claim those afterwards…lol


Odd, i thought I claimed them but if no one else received the likes guess thats the answer

In addition to the logic of you getting 3 after a 30 pull, this is definitely what the Atlantis chests are called in the pop up.

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They would be from the Atlantis summon, and seeing as it just ended it’s now giving you the unclaimed rewards.

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