🐵 Bonecrusher – 5* Fire / Red from Jungle Hunters

I am going to LB2 mine… as soon as I LB1 him (one big red aether away)

Wow, that’s fast. Good job on that

Well the red aether can be anywhere up to 4 months away…

I would say on the contrary it breathed new life into snipers. If you can kill something fast with bone, even if it’s just one target. Do it and leave no stone unturned

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His LB2 effect is 30% special attack up. 30% of a full team which he will hit for 690%, that’s 897% special attack. This feels like a violation of rights at this point

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im not 100% sure but I think it is probably 690% + 30% = 720%


It probably is, okay nevermind, because it states additional. I got it confused with healing bonus which is the percentage proportional to the value. 720% is still good. You can nuke something with that damage

I thought maybe you are interested to see him lb2. He’s an absolute monster. Not mine, saw him on a defense


Tried fighting him twice today. I had bad tiles and he instakilled two full-health heroes.


One of the biggest stat increases in the “big update”

Even more lethal, and a lot more survivability

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This is welcome, his defense was a bit weak.

Yes he only did 1700dmg in todays tournament against my hero… so weak.


That stat increase was completely unnecessary IMO. Madness is what they demonstrate.

He is still “just” a sniper though…can only kill one. Still has a purpose, but he’s not as useful as the multi-hitters IMO.

I have never valued snipers but with how strong his hit is he definitely has his place in a support-heavy team where you can afford to kill off one enemy hero at a time.

Yes, and you can certainly rely on him to finish the job…I use Eiora and Fluffy extensively and her 600% hit is crazy with meager stats (compared to new heroes). I did pull Bonecrusher, but haven’t pulled the trigger on him quite yet for ascension…had better reds in line first.