🐵 Bonecrusher – 5* Fire / Red from Jungle Hunters

Well he is a sniper, but he comes in clutch for me alot of times to kill a high priority target just with little tile damage plus his skill. This is not something i have been able to do with other snipers as they lack that finisher quality.

costume Finley, Bonecrusher is a good 1-2 combo, as it is always 100% kill, even if it is only a weak hit of finley.

What i like with him is his tile damage, is significantly higher than the others, due to passive and stacks. With Hachikos crit that gives decent damage output.

you see that in the later fights.


I will say tetisheri with bonecrusher is probably an instant kill

That is already done by Tetisheri+Sekhmet combo, which does alot more for your team (Also heals significantly + potential to attack down everyone) :slight_smile:

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I think we have been lacking a true sniper for quite some time. I would compare Bonecrusher with Old school lianna. She simply did the job better than any other sniper in the old days.

With Bonecrusher every other hero that can dish out 300-500 dmg is sufficent to enable to kill.

However Bonecrusher can do it alone quite fine as well

His stats focussed on attack.


I agree with you. For 4 years I have avoided playing with snipers as much as I could because they just didn’t fit my playstyle and I thought they didn’t have enough impact on a match. I have bonecrusher close to max (half emblems, no LB) and I can tell you that he DOES have a very big impact on a match. It is hard to compare to other new/OP heroes because I don’t have any but lurking in the 2300-2650 cup range he performs his role very well there. He can usually take out a hero alongside Peppermint’s hit (as you mention above) or with some tile damage so as long as the rest of your team can support a playstyle where you take out one hero at a time then it will work well (I use him with C C Viv and C Ameonna for survability, Peppermint for overall weakening of the enemy and Merlin to incapacitate any other big threat - will often aim Merlin at rogues or fighters and bonecrusher at monks so their classes dont interfere)


I have one too and need to work on emblem path but as usual, having little trouble and then I like your distribution with emble map.
Will there be any possibility if you would may kindly share the road map.
I would really appreciate it.

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Of course! Here you go, and congrats with him!

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Wimster8 *****

Thank you so much for your time and care!
I’ve been helped by a few people lately and it’s so amazing how every one of them were simply reached out to give helping hand without any question or hesitation!
Even often, answer for all kinds of
People’s questions with detailed professional knowledge too…
l found this community just so awesome and love it because of the person like you.
I am an old person, English is only my second language, I don’t know much about computer, got into this game for a few years and still am beginner but, l know this is very rare to find in the internet world.

I’ll be going around and learning a lot and continue looking for the help for quite a while but I’ll never forget every one of you who made me wear nice heartwarming smile on my face.

Again, thank you very much.
Wish all the best for your kind heart~ :heart:


With pleasure GoldenApple! No thanks :grinning:


C’mon guys. Why you are so blind to see reality? The heroes against you will be tough and hits 3 very very hard or hits very hard all. don’t be silly. this hero is useless unless he hits at least 3 people. Even TYR is a more useful hero. No place for sniper anymore. Why you don’t boycotting this too I don’t understand. Jova Anne etc will kill my all team but you are telling me sniper is a great hero. That’s absurd and nonsense.

Anyone know what his double LB aether special ability is?

Speciall skill damage boost

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so plus 30% damage from special skill for 6 turns. Does this mean that his special does 570% damage (540 + 30) or does it mean it does 540% + (540 x .30) = 702% damage ?

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20 characterssss

that means if all allies are alive he does 660%+30% = 690 damage.

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I pulled this crazy ape, and I am really reluctant to ascend her at all.

I have Xiaotu, who is a sniper with utility (though not that universal, but still) and she always snipe with 655%.

She cannot snipe full health guy right now. With the introduction of LB2 her hit will be much weaker. Unless I LB2 her as well, which will make her attack stat and therefore damage crazy high.

However, sniper will be one of the last hero to LB2, because it only affects one hero.

LB2 destroyed the new wave of snipers.

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well Bonecrusher hits harder than ever with additional special skill and he has no statboosts yet because he not been broken yet.

-56% def
+48%+20%+30% attack up
+40% special skill damage

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I see nobody else is responding to this… probably because everyone else is smarter than me. But still here goes.

I used to be very anti sniper but that was because the damage done to one hero was negligible in the grand scheme of things. But having tried out bonecrusher in my team I can say that he would be valuable in a lot of player rosters - maybe even most. But just like any other hero you can’t just drop him into a team and expect him to work magic. You have to build a team that can support a strategy where you pick off one opposing hero at a time. If I have managed to do it with my 6 month old FTP roster then most people can do it too.

There are many, many ways to play this game. Successfully. Please open your eyes to the world of possibilities.


I was going to respond to that because really, claiming normal tyr is better than him is a stretch

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With the new LB2, if you can get a kill essentially from a fast 670% snipe, I rather just take the fast snipe. Way too dangerous to keep Lv90s around. Makes me wonder if a Lv90 Ludwig could still be OS by teti/bone