Boltusk +18 ... go on?

I have my Boldtusk at +18 and wonder if bringing him to 19 or 20 is worth it or will make a difference… what to you think? 19 is either +2 % crit or + 2% mana… i don’t have red 4 * troops … do you think it is worth adding crit or mana? or better keep the emblems for the next fighter?


Crit would be the “damaging” route while Mana would be the “utility” one.
I would go with Crit as for Mana to being meaningful as bonus must be stacked and a leveled troop would make the mana bonus useless.

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I would stop at +18 but we just wait for master @FraVit93 to give you his view.

Mana troops are very expensive to upgrade. I personally would stop at +18.

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I would still go +20.
I just hate leave things half way, and that attack boost is always useful for tile damage.

I pretty much still use him for titans and events (not having Ares or Lancelot) so my Boldtusk was pretty much pumped in attack for tile damage.

Useless to havee him with a defensive asset if i don’t use him as tank.

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I’m stopping all 4* at +18. I think 110 emblems are better used to strengthen new ones than wasted on the final two levels. 110 emblems almost cover the first two levels of a 5*. Though, @Elpis has a valid point there… leaving things “half way” feels awkward…


thanks: do you think adding 2% crit is worth 40 emblems and 300k+ iron and 400k+ food? Does it make a difference on offence, defense? I’m worrying about “wasting” resources in terms of paying for something that isn’t useful / noticeable / … i’m a little bit hestitating regarding notdes 19 (and maybe 20) for him… right now he is at attack 633 defense 840 and health 1212.

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I’m leaving almost all of my talented 4s at +18.

Leaving things unfinished is alright, it’s not like we can’t come back and finish them later :slight_smile:

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The food and iron cost is negligible to me, 40 emblems are always a high price to pay but 2% crit chance (or 2% mana generation) would be the same as leveling a troop multiple times.

The last talents have always the worst stats return for their cost but hey, they still makes your heroes stronger. A 2% crit chance would add continued damage to your titans scores, add a better burst damage chance for your red stack on raids and be almost useless in small amounts in raid defenses.

Leveling other fighters could be a good move… if they are worthy, that’s it.

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I stopped at 18, no way will I give BT a 4* mana troop over GM and other red heroes and 2% critical is a major joke (1 in 50 tiles, no thanks). Best use the emblems for another hero.


Yeah, I’m stopping there too. Elena is hungry for those 110 emblems and the increment that they give BT is almost meaningless

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As others have said, it depends on your roster and options whether to go beyond +18 or not.

I’m going to max Wilbur because there’s nobody like him in the game, and my other monk options are LiXiu and WuKong, the latter a not great option since I have Ranvir personally. Rigard got to +19 in the hopes that he’ll be able to keep up with my Panther/Seshat. My Boldtusk, though, will be at +18 since I have a max +7 Ares, and even one node in fighter gives Panther a chance at coming back which could make all the difference in the world. I was debating going to +20 on Grimm but decided +18 is better since I need to bring up Little John to help out in green raid stacks.

So it really depends on your bench is what it amounts to. There’s nothing wrong with doing that on Boldtusk as he’s a great option, but if you have better, there’s no shame leaving him at +18 either. You do you, man.


This is my approach to it as well, as I feel the emblem cost for the +19 and +20 talent grid nodes are too high for the benefit, considering that those 110 can move the next 4* Fighter up to +5, which is considerable.

I have two exceptions - one already in place, the other planned for (much) later:

  • Proteus, I have at +19, and my mana troop is 16, almost 17… where it will drop him to 9 tiles, which I think will be awesome.
  • Hansel, I have at +18, but my mana troop is only Lvl 4, so it’s long, long way from Lvl 23 where it will drop Hansel from 8 tiles to 7. Now that is a less significant benefit compared to Proteus going from 10 to 9, but I think it will be worth doing; there are times when I can make a 3-match and a 4-match, and having Hansel charged with that would be awesome.

Good gaming!


My OCD would kill me but I’d stop at +18 too. 110 emblems are a lot of emblems…

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My Boldie is +20 beacuse:

I made him for titans and at +20 he got some atk+

Elena is my only 5* fighter and I’m not going to max her now.

thanks for all the replies… i thik i will leave mine at +18 too for now…

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I leave almost all mine that I could max at 18, though there are a few exceptions. Buddy - for example - get a nice health bump on the 19th node. Jackal has that defense increase at 19. I didn’t feel good about it (ROI is crappy), but I use him so much it’s worth it.

My general rule of thumb is that if I use them a lot they get further along the path. If they are sporadic (meaning I use them in tourneys, challenge events, war bench) then I generally take them to 6 and stop. On a 4* that isn’t a huge investment and you’d only get 2 nodes on a 5* at the same cost. It’s also why many advise skipping the last two nodes on the 4* as well!

If I use them all the time and it makes sense, I won’t hesitate to take them to 20.

I stopped my Boldtusk at +18 even though I have no other fighter to give emblems to. I’d rather let them gather for someone in the future for a few reasons:

  1. Boldtusk is already excellent in the roles I use him in.
  2. The last two nodes wouldn’t really help Boldtusk perform better in those situations.
  3. Food and iron demands are high, across the board (advanced buildings, titan weaponry, other emblems, troops becoming increasingly costly).

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