Boldtusk vs Kiril

Do you guys prefer a maxed out Bloodtusk or Kiril in your defence and attack team?

I personally think Kiril is much better in most circumstances (both attack and defence). Also, Kiril looks badass!


I agree for raid teams. However bold tusk for titans

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I use Kiril as a second healer only, I’ve never ever ever used him by himself. Just haven’t had the need to I guess. Stacking BTs buff is simply insane, the fact that he heals is a bonus for me. Why I would take him everywhere with me if he were a real monster… And as far as looks Kiril looks out of shape man, BT reminds me of a power lifter…lol


I use albi and kiril on almost every attack team and they always come in clutch

As for boldtusk I can’t say, he seems to be avoiding me as he’s the only red I haven’t pulled


I use ably and kiril almost every raid attack too and i have a maxed Bold tusk. I use BT if they have a green tank to double up on red…

Lot of red tanks in AW and in raids in general.

Actually I use Kiril as second blue against all red tanks and he’s a member of my Volcanic team for the foreseeable future.

While Tusky is part of the titan triumvirate all players should build if they have them and is generally better for events too, Kiril does pretty well there too and is flatly better in AW imo.

ETA: forgot to mention one thing, Kiril is amazing for fixing all sorts of debuffs - armor debuffs, attack debuffs, he fixes up both when talking raid attacks… other than purifiers (who are definitely less useful on offense) nobody else does both, and that can make a difference when it comes to raiding when we’re talking counters.


Good observation Revelate. I feel the same way
kiril and perseus. Make a great. Aries killer!

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BT is my first choice because he’s +48 for 4 turns while Kiril is +30 for 3. I think that difference is big enough to overcome the lack of defense buffing. Kiril actually hits harder on his own (656/673/1034), while BT is tougher and has more health (588/711/1107). I think they are close enough that I don’t hesitate to switch them when it makes sense for the color matching. If someone doesn’t have both, they are not missing anything huge other than the color versatility. Both of them flanking a Cyprian or Boril tank is pretty nasty.


I’m surprised not many other people openly communicate this point - saves a ton of materials on banners if you can just hold his buff to cure titan inflicted attack and defense down ailments.


I just pulled Kiril last night. So need to get him leveled. My BT is just beginning his 3rd ascension into stardom. So this is some good info for me. Thanks to all that commented.


I’ve had a lot of “D’oh!!” moments when I am very nonchalant about the Titan’s debuff because I always carry antidotes as opposed to banners. Trying to move along quickly, use BT/Kiril/Vivica, then notice the next turn the Titan was charged and overwrites the buff I just put up! Feels bad man.

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Fixing buffs is insanely important! Good call!


I vote kiril. I use him everywhere: in raid attack and defense and titans. He helps keep your heroes alive if you can’t hit the weak spot…+30 is better than +48 on 3 heroes because two died in the fight.

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Kiril save butts more then Bold.

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Also Kiril keep your hitter from dying if he hits reposted opponent.

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I use both. Just need to offset the specials so Kiril doesnt overwrite Boldtusts 48% too soon.

Still searching for a Grimm; once I get him i’ll likely swap out Kiril unless stacking blue.


I love these forum topics. I was just wondering the same since I have both heroes and just enough ascension materials to level one of them from 3rd to 4th tier. Guess BT will have to wait.

Since Boldtusk is a Fighter class hero, with emblems he can revive after being killed to come back and heal. I use him with a mana troop speed-boosted Victor who keeps a shield up nearly constantly by himself since it only takes 3 ghosted tiles to activate his special again, so I don’t miss Kiril’s shield. The extra turn for Boldtusk’s higher attack buff and his better defense stats make him my favorite healer. With 10 emblems in him he is getting quite tanky too.

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I use both equally, depending on the needed color for the situation.

If I use both, I try to fire Kiril before Boldtusks’ skill, that’ll let me overwrite the 30% attack boost with the 45% attack boost.


Well, I pulled Kiril and Boldtusk about the same time earlier of this year. While Kiril had been to many raid and battles, Boldtusk has just recently starting a life on his own. I may missed something in Boldtusk but Kiril at +8 emblem works wonderful.
SG probably create a dragon banner purposely for those who didn’t own Kiril.


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